9 Cutting Edge Technologies to Improve Customer Experience

Cutting Edge Technologies

Retail business owners are embracing the digital transformation by implementing cutting-edge technologies in their process. It is to enhance their customer experience. There are various factors that influence the success of the retail business but engaging and active customer experience will be the core factors.

Consumers today have a digital presence even more than before that is why businesses also need to implement the best technologies to influence them. Point of sale software is the most effective way to give your customer the digital experience they are looking for.

Having an e-commerce website of your retail store has a positive influence on your customer experience. The cloud-based POS software helps your business to have a PHYGITAL which is a combination of both online and offline stores. Adoption of Phygital stores ensures that your business does not miss out on any opportunity to make a sale.

Which technologies do the retailers implement to improve their customer experience?

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is a robust tool that has the capability to replicate human intelligence in various aspects of retail business. AI in the point of sale software will help to complete various tasks without manual interaction.

2. Chatbots:

Retail business owners implement AI-powered chatbots to enrich their customer experience. Chatbots ensure the availability of your business to answer customer queries anytime from anywhere.

If you still use the human to interact with the customer they might miss out on a lot of opportunities and will be tired to answer the repetitive questions. Moreover, chatbots being an algorithm does not get tired of repetitive question and has a better potential to gauge the opportunities of the sale.

Many retailers not only use chatbots in the POS software to answer customer queries but also to engage with them. Chatbots are capable to deliver a positive customer experience by delivering a personalized service based on consumer’s preferences and needs.

3. Cashier-less Shopping Experience:

The governments globally have advised their population to be socially distant and take precautionary measures to protect their families and themselves. The best cloud-based retail point of sale software will help to deliver a contactless shopping and billing experience.

This software solution can be easily deployed on the customer’s phone where he can just download the application, scan the products, pay the bill, and checkout without interacting with a human being. As a result, a cashier-less shopping experience will help to save a large number of finances. The consumer also does not have to wait in huge lines to bill the products.

4. Internet of Things:

Internet of Things (IoT) is another robust technology that can digitally transform your business and enrich your customer experience.

5. RFID Technology:

POS system software enabled with RFID technologies helps to track the inventory in real time. This technology is capable of tracking the inventory based on the size, color, and quantity of the products. It also gives your team an accurate picture of the detailed inventory which them navigate through the store effectively and quickly to help the customers.

6. Discounts and Loyalty Programs:

The Point of sale software for small businesses helps to track the product performance and give an overview of the sales. This software will help your business to understand which products are the best sellers and which are not performing well in your outlet. The lowest selling products can be put on additional discounts to make more space for new and top sellers.

The POS system software tracks the customer purchase history and helps to draft an effective loyalty program. Loyalty and rewards programs help to create a positive and loyal customer base to gain their trust and repetitive business.

7. Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Many retail business owners implement augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in their business processes to enhance their consumer experience. Implementation of this technology will have a positive impact on the POS software by increasing the conversion rate of the products.

8. AR and VR at Home:

AR and VR play a crucial role for retailers dealing in the clothing and accessories retail business. For instance, retailers selling products like clothes, sunglasses can take the help of AR and VR to increase the conversion rate. Customers buying from the comfort of their homes can now try the products online and see how they look.

9. AR and VR Experience at the Store:

Retailers dealing in sporting goods, outdoor equipment, and other accessories that cannot be tried at the outlet. Retailers can implement augmented reality and virtual reality at the store to stimulate a real-life example for the customer and how the product is used. This technology will have a tremendous impact on the customer experience because they can now try the good virtually.


Technology is changing the paradigms of the business and how the consumer gets influenced. Integration of the cutting-edge technologies in the retail point of sale software will help to enrich the customer experience and result in the revenue of your business.


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