Know 5 Key Elements of AngularJS Development

Elements of AngularJS Development

The world of web development growing day by day towards technology advancement, great frameworks, and more effected and improved development tools. The programming field and development technologies are becoming more faster, dynamic, and bug-free nowadays.

AngularJS is a powerful framework of Java Script. AngularJS is offering a solid set of solutions to all of the requirements and all needs of developers. It is a front-end development framework that has given javascript more effective and limitless. Now Angularjs developers build applications more dynamic and fast to develop. Developers also utilize AngularJS to build single-page web applications.

Nowadays most of the IT companies hire the best and skillful angularjs developers to provide the best and top-notched Angularjs development services to their existing and new clients. In this article, we will give you a brief review of the key elements of angularjs development that every Angularjs developers should be aware of. If you are an Angularjs developer and yet not experience or missed to use any feature of angularjs development then you should know it from here.


AngularJS is a structural JavaScript framework that is maintained and developed by Google. It is an MVC based framework that helps you to build a single page web applications. AngularJS uses HTML to develop the front-end of the application. AngularJS is written inside the tags in an HTML page. This framework requires Javascript, HTML, and CSS at the client-side.

Key Elements of AngularJS

1. MVC Architecture

Model View Controller (MVC) is a software design pattern used for the development of the web applications. It’s made up with three parts as following.

Model : Model is responsible to maintaining the data.
View : View is responsible for display the data to the user.
Controller : Controller controls the interaction between Model and View.

2. Data Binding

Data binding offers the application with a smooth flow of data. When there are any of the updates in the model, it automatically got reflected in the view. This will save you time, too. There is a proper synchronization between the view and model components.

The binding source expression written inside the double curly brackets. It scales the expressions in curly brackets before a binding update. AngularJS gives a well-implemented MVC. A developer essentially takes care of Model, View, and Controller separately and inter-linking network parts are taken care of by the AngularJS. This will make it natural to implement and works with the MVC model.

3. Dependency Injection

An application is built in different modules and all of those are dependent on each through which they are separate. The dependency is injected with the directive, controllers, and services.

4. Declartive User Interface

As, we all know AngularJS is using HTML for building the front-end of the applications. The declarative feature of HTML builds an application with an amazing user interface. Website users don’t take part in the process flow or worried about the flow of data and the dependencies. AngularJS takes care of the dependencies and users get an inexperienced feel of the application.

5. Unit Testing

AngularJS beats the standard method of testing the application. A separate test code is written for each and every component and tested for the functionalities. Angularjs supports unit testing where every component is tested with mock test codes and it takes care of the dependency injections.


This article gives us some clear thoughts about the key elements of the AngularJS framework and the power of today’s leading javascript development. Most of the developers edging towards the angularjs framework due to these reasons. Most of the IT companies today, hire skilful developers to build dynamic and excellent dynamic applications, and fulfill the client’s requirements.


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