Impact of IoT on Changing Your Future Love Story!

Pandemic and mobile apps changed the dynamics of socializing, and introverts are the happiest! There’s no more peer pressure visiting the clubs on weekends, no more dinner dates with friends, no more movie nights, etc. While on the other hand, it also ruined the social and dating lives of other people. Indeed, dating apps played a vital role in people’s […]

Is The Security Guard Checkpoint System Purposeful?

The competitive and uncertain world of today demands safety and security at its best. The security guard checkpoint system is an automated system that records the activities of an employee and thus ensures better and efficient working. The security guard checkpoint system can be opted for a foot patrolling, grand tour or a mobile van patrolling system and alarming checks […]

Web Bluetooth App for iOS. Custom web solutions for IoT

Bluefy – is a handy Web Browser with the support of advanced IoT technology — Web Bluetooth APIs. The application allows you to create custom solutions for connected devices via Bluetooth, right in the Bluefy browser. The use of such browsers on smartphones is gaining popularity. The main advantages of Bluetooth web browsers are that they are universal. The user […]

How Taxi Dispatch Software Helps Your Business To Grow in The Middle of Rivals?

Booking for taxis nowadays is too simple with on-demand service apps. The customers can hassle-freely get their taxis from anywhere around the region. The complete revolutionary alternative to the traditional way of taxi booking offline now becomes a trendy activity among users. Considering its greatest victory at present, several entrepreneurs are developing their own taxi dispatch software for their startups […]

Retail Store Management System Pros and Cons

An effective retail store management system is essential for a thriving retail business. This is because such a retail business would need all the latest and modern tools to keep up with the increasing competition from other retailers. An efficient retail store management system should be able to provide all the necessary tools to make the store a success. Such […]

Mistakes To Avoid During Mobile App Development for your Business

Today, the mobile app development industry is developing prominence and can carry your driving business to an entirely different world. Mobile applications are relied upon to deliver a gigantic income of almost  $935 billion before the year’s over 2023. This statistic obviously shows that businesses will get great benefits in the event that they have their own astounding mobile apps.  […]

Top 5 Reasons To Get Custom Mobile Application

Every business has the ultimate goal to expand the business globally and build a strong customer base. To achieve your business target, marketing & digitalization are the key tools that play an important, role in the expansion of any business. This is the era of mobilization and advance technology as so – marketing strategies have also got upgraded. If you […]