Perks Of Having An Emergency Denture Repair

Perks Of Having An Emergency

Feeling conscious about your broken, chipped, or cracked dentures? Looking for emergency denture repairs in High Wycombe? We got your back! Denture damage can be a sudden or gradual process. Regular dental checkups and repairs are strongly suggested!


Dentures are commonly made up of hard acrylic resin that is comfortable and mendable. However, this appliance base can wear thin over time or break due to sports injuries too. Our on-site denture repair clinic and dental laboratory can cater to all your denture repair emergencies with our professional denturist here at DentureWorld. Once a denture has been impaired, it can lead to low self-confidence and a cascade of oral issues!

Here are 5 benefits of Emergency Denture Repair.

1. Don’t make a hole in your pocket!

Just like any other dental equipment (for example braces), dentures also eventually require repair at one point. For instance, the denture could loosen and begin to erode. Delaying a visit to a professional denturist might mean that you will need a complete denture replacement. This costs the patient more money than seeking regular denture repairs.

It is recommended that the patient considers visiting a denturist as soon as a problem arises, preventing any further oral complications!

2. Relieves discomfort and pain

It is due to the loose-fitting dentures that can cause you pain and discomfort, which might affect your precious smile. It can also cause-

• Difficulty chewing and biting, in turn leading to stomach problems

• Sores and pain in the gum

• Alignment issues of the jaw cause ear pain and headaches too

Opting for emergency denture repairs in Amersham can also save you from a lot of embarrassment from dentures falling out while you speak or eat at a social gathering.

3. Tweaks your dental health

Broken and mangled dentures are dreary to the eye but are also injurious to your oral health. It can cause a lot of dental issues-

• Reduces bone density of the jaw

• Disrupts the entire balance of bite

• Causes irritation and blisters on the mouth cavity due to repeated rub

• Sometimes lead to Gingivitis, a gum disease

Repairing the dentures can lower any risk of Gingivitis, which is a very serious oral condition. A professionally handled emergency denture repair process can keep you on top of your dental health game!

4. Restores appearance and self-confidence

A broken denture can make the patient feel self-conscious about their speech and appearance. A denture repair can restore all the more confidence in the person with a beautiful smile and perfectly aligned jaw and teeth. You will have your precious healthy-looking smile back!

5. Prevents you from making a mistake!

Please do not use any kind of denture self-repair kits or superglues to mend your dentures. This can turn out to be a huge mistake that can cause you major dental issues. Also, avoid visiting a dentist surgeon to repair your dentures; which may take days at a time; leaving you without your dentures.

With our in-house dental laboratory, it just takes about 1 hour to get your dentures fixed, while you wait in our waiting area or special rooms maintained for you to get comfortable minus any embarrassment that the case can bring about.

Dental emergencies can range from fungal, bacterial, or viral infections to dental restoration or fracture of the tooth, each requiring different treatment based on the situation. Most dentists set aside time for emergency dental services other than regular office hours. Some kind of emergency denture repairs in Beaconsfield that needs immediate attention is:

  • Cracked, chipped or fractured teeth.
  • Loose tooth.
  • Knocked out tooth.
  • Tooth out of alignment.
  • Tissue injury.
  • Facial pain.
  • Other dental emergencies.

Reasons, when it is important to seek professional help for denture repair services, are:

  • Maintenance of poor oral hygiene.
  • Dental cavities.
  • An injury due to playing any sports.
  • Advanced disease in gum.
  • Poor lifestyle habits like consumption of cigarettes etc.

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