DESTINATION Wedding happens to be coming around the corner and still cannot come to an end with where it should be? Having your mind dreaming of exotic resorts, big forts, and palaces. The wedding of your dream, laughter, and joy all along, the day you have been waiting for all your life.

To someone who is having thoughts of getting off with their loved one on an aisle like a fairytale you saw or read about, should definitely consider the option of the destination wedding.

Destination wedding for the D-Day, doesn’t that sound great?

Why should one go for a destination wedding?

1. Fairytale

Make your dream come into reality. Make your day a special one and unique with joy all over the place and an overwhelming one. The imaginations you have had on getting married by the beach, at hills, or at the royal palaces.

From top-class arrangements, décor, food,pre-wedding shoots, and everything customized as per your needs.

2. Expensive? Think again!

Expense is all in control; in fact, it happens to be cheaper than the big fat weddings at your space.

Limited guests, limited people, limited food, packages of your choice, offers on stay extensions, and the wedding of your dream. Buffet, decorations, shoots, and all arrangements at a discounted price.

3. Vacadding

You read that right “Vacadding” it is – the wedding that comes with a vacation. The perfect way to get the vacation vibes at your own wedding.

Weddings are a task in itself and vacation is the go-to just to get things a bit relaxed with the excitement on.

When everyone is having a monotonous life, be a life savior for them as well as for yourself by providing the opportunity to celebrate your happiness with all their hearts and the mood.

Planning for weddings does not happen to be an easy job and we often tend to forget things that are to be our utmost priority.

Let us have a look at the things to keep in mind while planning for the big day

The idea of destination wedding

Having the very idea of the whole destination wedding makes things easier to sort out and gets you planned more simply with fewer things to worry about.

Since you have something already on your mind, it helps you get on it with fewer things to be pressured about.


A destination wedding is all about the destination and the couple. 

Knowing exactly the wedding you would like to have and accordingly coming up with destinations gets the platter a bit sorted and colorful. 

Look for destinations of your choice be it by the beach, the hills, or palaces; any location that suits your choice should be of the affordable price that fits your budget.

Visit the location prior just to keep things in check, look out for the weather on your day and arrangements as per your requirements.


Get your stay and the location booked 4-5months before the wedding to avoid other functions happening on the same day as yours.

It helps you and your guests plan accordingly. It is advisable to notify the guests beforehand so that would enable them to get the arrangements done.

Provide your guests the easiest and cheapest way to get to the location with less trouble.

Wedding Planners

Stressing on wedding planning? Hiring wedding planners helps you get the stress off your shoulders and makes your wedding a delightful one.

They help you achieve the look you are going for on the big day of yours, providing you different packages of your taste with exciting offers.

Helping you handle everything at ease from the decorations, delicious food, banquets, and everything required at one stretch.

Heavy bridal lehengas, floral embroidered gold & pink designer lehenga skirt, traditional Kanchipuram sarees, ball gowns to jodhpuri sherwani, tuxedos, formal suits for your bridesmaid and groomsmen; outfits customized as per the theme and choice all arranged with the help of your wedding planners.

Places for destination Weddings


Being a beautiful location with beaches around makes it perfect for a romantic wedding to happen. Provides you with good stay apartments and villas with discounted rates.

You can already start imagining yourself in a beautiful white long gown with floral décor and low lighting arrangements. Not too much to ask for, simple and pretty.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Fantasizing a royal marriage with the Maharaja, Maharani look?  Udaipur is the place. The City of Lakes happens to be India’s most romantic city, having lakes and beautiful hills. 

Big wedding destination reflecting the very essence of its culture, is very vibrant and colorful. The folk dance, music, and rituals make you feel no less than a royal prince or princess.

Velvet embroidered shawls over simple Kurtis would give you the heavy look of being at your own ease and comfort.

Paris, France

For art and fashion lovers, Paris is the destination. Make your dream come true and celebrate your love in the most romantic place in the world. Being one of the developed European cities, it happens to be expensive but adds the classic touch that you are looking for. It offers you great brands to shop from and iconic places to visit around. Paris gives old European elegance, art nouveau settings, thrilling moments, and charm. 

Payangan, Bali

If the beach is the location you are looking for then get yourself by the rustling waves of the beach at Payangan, Bali. It is best known for its religious and scenic views. Being the Indonesian Island you get to see rice paddies, volcanic mountains, beaches, and forests.

There are amazing cities around the island like Ubud, Sebatu, Taro.

It even offers you a forest as the location, totally out of imagination. Resorts high in the valleys, lush green offering panoramic and breathtaking views at reasonable prices.

Costa Rica

Get the all-inclusive wedding experience at Costa Rica, customized and cheaper affordable for the big day. Amazing décor and buffet as per the requirements. Amazing view to catch, a combination of beaches and valleys all around offering adventure and sports making it more an intriguing place to have a wedding at. 

Weddings are the times of celebration; joy, laughter, and good times to roll on. The culmination of culture, music, tradition, exquisite and mouth-watering cuisines, sightseeing destinations, and lots of dance, décor, and wedding shoots.

After this guide, you would have got an idea of how to get things on your list and how to get them done. Now it is time for you to try it out for yourself.

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