Tips to Get an Instant Housing Loan in Kerala

Instant Housing Loan in Kerala

Kerala, ‘god’s own country’. If you plan to purchase property in Kerala, welcome to the land of pristine beaches, backwaters, beautiful nature, and rich heritage to improve your quality of living.

Kerala supports pleasant weather year-round with fresh air to breathe. The literacy rate in Kerala is the highest in the country, and Kerala has successfully maintained its people-centric health infrastructure with robust responses. Moving to Kerala might be the best decision of your life, and if you are planning to purchase a house there, here’s a guide to tell you how you can get an instant housing loan in Kerala.

Tips to Get an Instant Housing Loan in Kerala

To get the housing loan in the shortest time possible, follow the below steps:

  • Location: Some best cities in Kerala include Kochi, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kottayam, etc. These cities support good infrastructure and a decent lifestyle. For instance, smart-city Kochi is also an Information Technology Special Economic Zone. Take a pick from any mentioned previously. 
  • Selection: It can be a bungalow, a flat, a row-house, etc. The size of your house will depend upon the number of family members living in it.

Once you decide on the above factors, it’s time to apply for a home loan. Below is the procedure to get an instant housing loan from financial institutions and lenders:

  • Documentation: Gather all necessary documents for the home loan. Documents include:
  1. PAN Card.
  2. Aadhaar Card.
  3. Income Proofs.
  4. Proof of Residence.
  5. Bank Statement.
  6. ITRs.
  7. Property Documents.
  • Submit online application: Consolidate the documents and submit the online home loan application directly on the lender’s website.

Home Loan Application Essentials

Following are the essentials to keep in mind when applying for the home loan–

  • Eligibility: While each lender has its eligibility criteria, you should go through the selected loan parameters with the chosen lender before applying. Some essential eligibility criteria include:

-Age: The applicant’s age should be between 24-65 years of age.

-Occupation: The applicant should be either a salaried or a self-employed person.

  • CIBIL Score: The CIBIL score is your creditworthiness depicted in 3 numbers. It shows your past credit performance. A higher CIBIL score, significantly above 750, increases the chances of getting your loan sanctioned with lower interest rates and favorable terms.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates are vital in deciding the lending institution. Usually, home loan interest rates start from 6.70% per annum and vary according to the applicant’s profile.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

If you are concerned about your finances, various financial tools can help pre-plan your finances before applying for a home loan. A home loan EMI calculator is one such tool that can help you determine the exact EMI amount by entering the loan amount, home loan interest rate, and loan tenure.


It’s time to live your life to the fullest in Kerala. Kerala is one such state that can open doors of opportunity while keeping joyful with pristine natural surroundings. Owning a house there can bring you the highest level of comfort in terms of quality of life, modernization, and fulfillment of necessities.

Check the home loans options available with various lenders to plan purchasing a home in god’s own country. 


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