Thinking About Hosting? Consider These Factors


Gone are the days when you only had to think about disk space and bandwidth when you buy hosting. Today, it is more about performance, accessibility, affordability, and reliability.

Although you will find plenty of website hosting providers that offer amazing features and price deals. But buying the best hosting in India for your website calls for considering some important factors along with price and features.

Here are the factors you should consider when you buy a domain and hosting for your blog or website.

1. Server security and reliability

Weak network and unstable server resources are guaranteed to push your website offline and affect your chances of gaining more traffic and sales online from your e-commerce store.

Moreover, this also affects your search engine ranking denying you possible viewership. Choosing a reputed and reliable web hosting partner will allow you to access dedicated resources while handling all the technical aspects on your part. This improves your website’s uptime in turn online traffic and search engine ranking of your website. 

Choosing a reputed hosting partner will also lessen your worry about website security helping increase trust in your audience while accessing your website or online store.

2. Site backups

Talking about website security you may have recently heard cybercrime cases where hackers have targeted general websites and e-commerce stores. Well, a ransomware attack is no more limited to finance websites. Today, hackers are targeting just about any popular website and blog to misuse your online identity or gain the personal information of your users. This often leads to replacing your website’s index.php file.

Moreover, no one can deny the risk of server or hard disc failure which sometimes leads to irreplaceable damage. In such cases, having a data backup of your website is crucial to continue your online endeavor post damage.

Buying the best hosting in India allows you easy and regular data backup so that you will experience less frustration and damage in case of any cyber attack.

3. Customer service

Along with plan features, customer service is another important aspect you should consider when buying a web hosting plan. You wouldn’t want to purchase a plan for cheap and then gain no proper customer service when you face a problem.

Many reputed hosting providers in India have made customers their prime assets and partners in business growth. These companies have installed chatbots and live chat features where you can share your problem and get it solved by the customer care representatives within a reasonable time.

4. Registration and maintenance cost

If you have any experience of the website world you must know the maintenance cost increases after the first year of registering your website. Many domain and hosting providers offer free domain names and registration as well as low hosting charges for the first year. And when it’s time for renewal you get an invoice with the amount double or triple of what you paid for the first year.

If you are considering growing your website online and eventually creating it into a business you should check registration as well as the maintenance price of the hosting provider.

5. E-Commerce and email options

Talking about building a website into a business, there goes a lot in the process. Along with the quality products or services you also have to think about creating and maintaining a professional business presence online, which often starts with building an e-commerce store and using an email of your domain name.

Depending on the website hosting platform and plan you choose you will either receive customized email and e-commerce website features within your purchased plan or you will have to buy these separately.

Final words

Building and hosting a website online is a big step for your business. And you buy a domain and hosting by considering the above factors you can move ahead with more confidence and focus on growing your website with the right hosting resources at a reasonable price.

After all, it all starts with what your business needs.


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