15 Loveliest Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyle for Busy Women

It is super crazy to spend a few minutes on your hair with a busy schedule. Either kids or morning office hours wear you out trying to create stunning hairstyles with only a few minutes in hand. It is hard to have a wow moment with your hair though you give your best. But as a woman, we love to wear a hairstyle that will spin out colleagues from their chairs! 

Having a good knowledge of women’s sentiment about their hair, we have gathered lovely short wavy hair for busy women. Wavy hairstyles are always on-trend, be it long or short, but the short haircuts minimize the maintenance, which is perfect for busy women. So, let’s look into lovely hairstyles that will relieve your grief.

  1. The Short Wavy Pixie

The Short Wavy Pixie

A pixie cut is a best friend for busy women offering versatile styling options. The secret of this short wavy hair is keeping longer strands in the front and crown than the sides and the back. Longer strands in the front and crown area open up to a variety of styling options. Adding delicates waves on the front and mussing them will make your day. Sweep them, flip them or lift them with volume – you look stunning!

  1. Tapered Messy Waves
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Tapered Messy Waves

Wavy layered hair is a cute and effortless option for women with short hair. It is low maintenance and effortless to create early in the morning. Apply styling cream and mess up the strands with your fingers. However, don’t make your short layers too messy to give a – ‘I just woke up’ vibe. The messy layers will get you enough compliments from your friends and colleagues. 

  1. The Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie
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The Asymmetrical Wavy Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical short hairstyles for wavy hair always achieve a dazzling look and draw a lot of attention. First, leave your fringe much longer than the sides and back to create an asymmetrical look. Then add an extra oomph to your style by placing fringe in the right direction that appeals to your face shape.

  1. The Feathered Pixie Cut

The Feathered Pixie Cut

The feathered pixie hairstyle is a bright and enticing hairstyle for busy women. However, this Short wavy hair can increase hair volume especially with big fancy feathers. If you feel that this hairstyle is too short, no worries – feathers achieve a cute and feminine look.

  1. Wavy Side Bangs and Side Burns

Wavy Side Bangs and Side Burns

Hair bangs, for example, can play a vital role in making your short hair look lovely. A short pixie cut with side-swept bangs and side-burns will add plenty of charm and simplicity to your short hair. Side-swept hair bangs are also a great way to hide your forehead and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. Arguably, pixie cuts are preferred with short sides and back, but it is not a must-do thing. Instead, you can keep the side-burns and strands at the back long, feathery and soft.

  1. The Wavy Korean Bob
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The Wavy Korean Bob

Korean cultures and K-pops are hitting the limelight in this modern era. Beginning with Ramen, now they are popular for their amazing short hair looks. Their haircuts have a huge influence globally. Wavy black hair with simple side or center parting achieves a pretty and feminine look. It is very easy to achieve the Korean wavy bob though K-pop stars look sophisticated with this haircut.

  1. The Wavy Balayage Bob
wavy brunette balayage bob | Balayage hair, Short hair balayage, Hair styles

The Wavy Balayage Bob

Adding balayage hair color to your short wavy hair is a final magic touch! Although wavy hair rocks on its own, a matching balayage to your natural hair color will create a striking new hairstyle vibe. Highlights add a modern flavor to your wavy layers and make them appear much more vibrant. A highly contrasting color might be a lot for you if you are an office worker. So, add a subtle color that amplifies your waves to the next level while also preventing unnecessary attraction!

  1. The asymmetrical Bob
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The Asymmetrical Bob cut

The asymmetrical bob is a modern take on the classic bob cuts. The uneven, jagged ends achieve a quirky-unique look. Thus it might be intimidating for you and your friends at the office. However, adding waves will help you soften the haircut, and a deep side parting will draw attention to your face, deviating your friends from noticing the uneven ends. It seems a lot for busy women, but it is not! Making an appointment for a haircut is only the hard part. Then you can rock this hairstyle in under a few minutes.

  1. The Wavy Highlighted Bob
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The Wavy Highlighted Bob

We can never underestimate short wavy hair. Highlights work differently on short hair than voluminous long hair. With shorter strands, your highlights appear prominent and more exciting. If you think it’s just a bland statement, try it for yourself! But to have the best short hairstyle for wavy hair, make a sweet contrast by adding highlights midway until the ends and keeping natural roots darker.

  1. The Tousled  Wavy Bob with Side Parting
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The Tousled Wavy Bob with Side-Parting

Multiple layers and a simple side-parting will take your short hair to the next level. It’s a simple and fun style to flaunt within a short duration. Allow some flyaways to appear at random to give your short wavy bob a carefree, unkempt look.

  1. The Inverted Wavy Bob
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The Inverted Wavy Bob Cut

An inverted bob with wavy layers is the ultimate gateway to increase hair volume. If you feel that your short hair lacks volume, layered wavy hair is ideal for you! The inverted style is one of the trendiest short hairstyles for wavy hair. 


  1. Wavy Blunt Bob 
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The Wavy Blunt Bob

Want to achieve a statement look with an effortless hairstyle? The blunt bob cut with wavy texture is your thing! This is low maintenance yet so elegant.  Just remember to trim the ends regularly! It’s a quick and easy hairdo for women on the go. After the stylist gives you a bob cut, you need to create a neat parting to frame your face.

  1. Soft Waves for Black Hair
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Soft Waves for Black Hair

Here is a delicate and cute-looking wavy hairstyle for women with naturally black hair. However, it doesn’t mean that the style is restricted only to black-haired women. You can dye your hair to recreate this cute look. A center parting can soften the look further for a cute youthful vibe.

  1. Short Voluminous Waves

Short Voluminous Waves

A short, wavy black cut with attitude and edge is great for busy modern women. It is upon your hand to choose from a blunt, side, or wispy bang. However, don’t compromise the volume – add as much as you can to fluff up your hair. If your hair is on the thinner side, go big with the volume. Then only your edgy look will be completed. Get a hair extension if your hair is not enough to achieve the volume. Clip-in some set of human hair extensions and lift the volume to its maximum level!

  1. Short Curls with High-Volume Bangs

Short Curls with High-Volume Bangs

Short curls with high-volume bangs are the new hairstyle for many women. It is high-volume and low-effort. That is why busy women who have a good sense of fashion love this hairstyle. It is a trendy hairstyle with heavy curls in the front and shorter curls with low volume at the back and sides. You have options to style your bangs as long as you don’t lose the volume. Usually, high-volume bangs are let fall freely over your eyes, but you might have a better idea. So, don’t hesitate to improvise!


If you ever find yourself hustling and bustling early in the morning, we sure you don’t get enough time to work on your hair. How about short wavy hairstyles? Short wavy hairstyles are excellent go-to styles for women desiring a clean low maintenance look. There are many ways to flaunt your short waves for achieving a new look in a short time. Coloring your hair, arranging your hair bangs, and getting a new haircut will help you. If you are a busy woman, wear gorgeous short hairstyles – they will save you time!


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