10 Protective Styles For Human Hair That Will Blow Your Mind

What is it about protective styles that we find so appealing? There are a plethora of reasons! First and foremost, we adore them because they provide a break from everyday styling and allow us to reduce three-hour-long wash days to only 30 minutes. Also, protective styles can lead to length retention and less breakage if done correctly because you’re not […]

How To Use Shampoo For Your Vibrant Hair

Learn how to shampoo color-treated hair right here  No one wants to see their hair color wash down the drain soon after dyeing it. That’s why using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner set developed for colored hair can keep your hue fresh and beautiful, whether it’s brown, black, blonde, red, or beyond (hello, purple and rose gold!). Shampoos are developed […]

15 Loveliest Short Wavy Hairstyles For Women

It is super crazy to spend a few minutes on your hair with a busy schedule. Either kids or morning office hours wear you out trying to create stunning hairstyles with only a few minutes in hand. It is hard to have a wow moment with your hair though you give your best. But as a woman, we love to […]