The concept of a coworking space has reached almost every corner of the world, in the past few years. Businesses have welcomed coworking spaces with open arms. In return, coworking spaces like Let’s Connect in Noida and a lot many others have made sure to provide them with a smooth sailing in their business operations.

The number of small businesses and startups has seen an upward trend, recently. With more and more people leaving the traditional office spaces behind, these entrepreneurs and freelancers have started looking for a more economical alternative for office space. Coworking spaces are ideal because overhead expenses are avoidable. You don’t have to invest more capital in maintaining the Coworking office space. Working out of home isn’t easy, either. Owing to a myriad of distractions available just inches away. Coworking spaces are a blessing for small business owners, freelancers, startups or home-based entrepreneurs.

  1. Cost Effective and Affordable
    Coworking spaces are more lucrative to all, be it small businesses or freelancers or startups.  Especially for startups and small business owners, renting some office space saves a lot of money which can be further invested in the growth of the company. Freelancers do not have a steady source of income, for them coworking spaces offer pay per use plans or a small place in a common area that is easier for them to afford. Renting an office comes with a lot of additional costs such as maintenance, cleaning, stocking food supplies etc. because of this reason more and more businesses are looking for coworking spaces.

  2. Network, Network, Network!
    The scope for networking in a coworking space in Noida for any individual is immense. It is common know that networks in the corporate world are very important. The right people can take your growing business from zero to a hundred quite easily. Through coworking spaces, you have access to a number of individuals with different talents and mindsets. These people, these connections are one of the main reasons people pay to work in a neutral space instead of at home, rent-free. Not only can your business thrive, you can also make friends. All you have to do is walk up to people in the cabins or in the break room and introduce yourself.

  3. Personalize Your Own Space
    More and more coworking spaces are now offering personalization options where businesses or individuals can choose the look of their office space. Room with a view or without? With windows or without? Walls in the color blue or peach? People can choose the look entirely according to themselves. Airy spaces and light-colored walls can make for a lively ambience. An advertising or a marketing firm may use bright, warm hues of color to invoke the creative side of people. An IT firm may have posters and famous scientific quotes written on the wall for the same reason.

  4. Professional Address
    Meeting prospective clients in cafes or at home might not look very good in a professional setting and as a business owner; your business is a reflection of you. coworking spaces provide a professional working space for you to easily conduct your business. Coworking spaces are usually centrally located, close enough to public transport and restaurants. This central location makes it easier for most of the people to commute to their offices every day. They also provide access to conference rooms and offices supplies like printers, administrative services etc.

  5. Virtual Offices
    The concept of a virtual office is easy. You get all the services that come along with renting out an office space without the burden of a long term lease and a hefty capital investment. Coworking spaces provide you with a business address, telephone number, communication, access to meeting rooms, administrative services etc. without spending a chunk of your capital into a physical office space. Employees are able to work from anywhere in the world and still have things like a mailing address, phone answering services and video conferencing and alike. Remote access is made easy with a virtual office.

  6. More Productivity
    Working from home or in cafes can be very distracting. Your bed, just a few inches away, is very tempting to lie down in after a few hours of constantly working. Music in cafes or the chatter of people can make you lose your focus or train of thought. Coworking spaces offer a dedicated and professional space for you to efficiently work and dole out excellent output. Being in a professional work space and around like-minded individuals, collectively working, gives structure to your day and work routine. These spaces are great if you prefer not working from home and yet, in a professional setting.

  7. Mental Health is Important!
    In recent years, mental health has gained momentum, slowly but surely. Gone is the days when talking about mental health was considered to be a taboo. Now, it is seen as important as the psychical health of an individual, if not more. Stress levels are reduced in a coworking environment, there is always someone you can grab a cup of coffee with and chat. Being around like-minded people, working collectively, boosts your productivity as well. It provides structure to your day and work routine. In a coworking space, you meet a lot of people. There is a lot of scope to increase your network and the feelings of loneliness often found when working from home, stay away.

  8. A Lot of Events
    Coworking spaces organizes a lot of events for the benefit of its members. One should always attend these. Participating in these events can be a great source of learning new things from each other. Some events such as open mic nights or live music dinner parties are just for the attendees to relax after a hectic and harsh week. This also relates to the second point of this article. Networking. You can greatly increase your client base and open up more chances of collaboration with talented individuals. Freelancers can find more lucrative work and maybe even a full time job!

  9.  A Balance Between Professional and Personal Life
    If you are a home-based entrepreneur, you know what a task working from home is. Working in a bed, you might start feeling lethargic and end up doing nothing. There are a lot of chores to do in your house, they can be very stressful. Not to mention the street noises and the neighbors. It is just not possible get work done at home. Shared office spaces can provide structure to your routine and make you more productive.

  10.  Vibrant Ambience
    Owners of coworking spaces design the interior of the building keeping in mind that the objective is to inspire creativity, boost morale and create a lively working environment. For this reason, a lot of people prefer working or setting up their offices in coworking spaces. Human resource is the most precious resource a business could have. A happy and skilled workforce is sure to take the business to great lengths.

  11. All day, Every Day
    Coworking spaces have started offering a new service; they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Had an idea in the middle of night? Feel energized enough to work on it? You don’t have to worry because you can just head over to your office space at 3 am. If you slept in and started your day in the evening, you can still make your deadlines by staying in all night. That’s the beauty of coworking spaces. The flexibility that shared offices allow is severely lacking in a traditional working space. This adds to the reason why people prefer coworking spaces over traditional ones.

  12. Remote Working Made Easier
    It becomes easier for businesses to hire talented and skilled individuals from all around the world without worrying about relocation costs and other overhead expenses. On-boarding such skilled individuals add to the success story of a business. While travelling, one does not have to worry about finding the right equipment for their work, thanks to the pay per use offer of the coworking spaces. One swipe of a card and one has access to all office supplies such as printers, coffee, strong Wi-Fi and a comfortable place to work at without any distractions. This has reeled in a lot of people into the world of coworking spaces.

    The coworking space industry is rising. and rising.. and rising. There is no reason to believe that this steep rise is going to slow down anytime soon. So, if you are a self-starter or a freelancer or just can’t keep working from home anymore, do your research and find a space that is just right for you. Choosing the right space for your work is just as important as find that perfect pair of trousers. An ideal working space would be airy, colorful with all the necessary equipment to conduct business with and free of distractions as well as peaceful. There are many options available in one of the emerging IT hubs of the country i.e. Noida. You will find many great coworking spaces there including but not limited to Let’s Connect.


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