What To Expect On An Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai?

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari From the oil-rich desert, Dubai has quickly transformed into one of the tourism capitals in the middle-east. The reports alone show how the Dubai Government has outdone itself. Dubai has seen more than 20 million visitors in the year 2018, while the target was set for 2020.

Since then, a lot has changed, but the tourism industry only keeps prospering. People from all over the world visit Dubai to experience the different cultures, the cuisine and most importantly, the exciting activities done here.

Between the many fancy restaurants, sports like skydiving and the world’s largest mall, Dubai has something for every tourist. That said, Dubai is most famous for the wide variety of adventure sports you can take part in here, one of the most famous ones being the overnight safari.

What Are Some Exciting Things To Do On An Overnight Safari?

Starting with an evening desert safari, this is an in-depth tour of the deserts of Dubai. The journey and other activities planned in the journey can make quite a memorable experience. However, to enjoy the trip to the fullest, scheduling and planning are very important.

If this is your first time planning a desert safari Dubai, this article is just for you. Discussed here are some things you might expect from an overnight safari in Dubai.

  • Ride An ATV:

Although excluded from the overall safari package, ATV rides are only available if you pay extra. That said, it is worth every penny, especially if you are an adventure junkie. However, if you are hoping to ride an ATV on the safari and go fast on the high dunes, you might be disappointed.

Riding ATVs without supervision can be quite dangerous, which is precisely why all travel companies have a closed track. Nevertheless, if an ATV ride is what you are looking forward to the most, you should not miss out on this.

  • Carry Some Money:

This is an important point to remember for your safari, especially if you do not know what amenities your travel package includes. You might need it for food or even if you want to buy something from the many shops around.

You can find staple clothes, food, shoes and other such souvenirs that you might want to pick up for later. Carrying the money but not using it is better than liking something but being unable to buy it.

  • Campsite Is Not Secluded:

You might be thinking that the campsite allotted to you will only have your friends and family along with your tour guide. However, this is not true. Each campsite is designated to about 200 people. All these people have different guides that work for separate companies.

Even though this does not hamper your morning safari experience, it plays a huge role in the money you pay. While everyone at the campsite will be offered the same food and entertainment, some might get a better deal than you. This is why it is important to choose the travel agent wisely and compare prices.

  • Camel Rides Are Short:

If you are one of those tourists who look forward to riding a camel, you might be disappointed with this safari. Even though the guides there offer you a chance to ride a camel, it is not for very long. The evening desert safari mainly uses different modes of transportation.

However, there are several other tours you can choose to experience a camel ride through the desert. You can ask your guide to let you know about such tours or do your research online. Either way, the experience is impressive.

  • No Training Before Sandboarding:

Another one of Dubai’s main attractions is sandboarding. This safari offers the facilities for sandboarding but does not do much to train you. If you want it, you have to grab a board and slide down from a sand dune on your own.

Apart from being a little embarrassing for first-timers, it can be very dangerous as well. Without proper training, you might end up getting bruised. It is best if you refrain from sandboarding without supervision or prior experience and training.

  • Explore The Desert:

Last but not least, this is one of the simplest yet most fulfilling activities you can do on the morning safari. The tour guides skilfully decide the route so that you can see all the local attractions on your trip.

If you are not interested in trying out an ATV or sandboarding, you can simply take in the beauty of the place. In between the miles of desert travel, you not only spot wild animals but also distinct tree and shrub species.

In addition to that, you can also witness the sunset and sunrise over the beautiful Dubai Desert. The clear sky is also a popular and attractive sight in the desert you can enjoy from your camping site.

To Sum Up

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points can help you easily pack, plan and have more fun on your trip. Make sure that you always carry a handbag to keep all the essentials like a water bottle or important medicines.

Dubai is a place filled with such amazing sports, as well as several other attractions. With proper planning and an effective schedule, you will have an amazing in Dubai. You can also choose a travel service to help you make the most out of your time in Dubai. Setting up A Free Zone Company in Dubai


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