Do Florida Punish Doctors Sue For Medical Malpractice?

Florida Punish Doctors

Florida’s Department of Health is responsible for reviewing all medical malpractice lawsuits filed against medical practitioners in Florida. Further, they are asked to identify the negligent doctors and take disciplinary action against them whenever it’s necessary.

Commenced in 1988, this need to examine every doctor against whom a lawsuit is filed is relatively new. Before that, regulators were required to review cases against physicians who had two or more payouts during five years. The objective of changing these regulations was to identify the issue with the doctor while taking disciplinary action against them immediately.

It was done to ensure that the string of allegations doesn’t get piled up. Unfortunately, the process isn’t carried out as per the rule that is preferred by the law. Rather, the Health Department can hardly be seen to discipline or review cases that have been closed. No matter what the results of the cases are, the insurance providers, along with the doctors, are responsible for reporting federal and state medical malpractice lawsuits (otherwise or closed) to Florida’s office of insurance regulation.

The Health Department spokesperson asserts, “Officials usually don’t take any action against lawsuit cases or doctors where the payout is $50,000 and less”. By applying this rule of minimum payout, approximately seventy percent of medical malpractice cases can be tossed aside.

It, in turn, leaves the state free to take action after doing thorough research and study. Unlike the previous laws, the minimum payout rule or current regulations doesn’t take into account several cases that have been filed against a single doctor. The most concerning medical malpractice cases are that doctors are continuing to practice therapies and medicine without much experience. While most of the investigations are kept confidential, in most cases, the public and patients can successfully gather vital information related to doctors who were sued or who are still facing disciplinary action taken by officials.

However, if there is no disciplinary action taken against these doctors, these doctors can practice without fear of adverse outcomes or fear of stigma. Unfortunately, the absence of disciplinary action gives rise to risks that can prove life-threatening for patients. Patients should appropriate healthcare providers while being wary about the healthcare providers they can trust. You can get started by conducting some research on your own. Check out the below details –

State Medical Boards

The State Medical Board should include a specific website, where you will be able to look out for doctors in your area or state. These records should include ample information on one disciplinary action, suspensions, criminal convictions, and so on.

Administrators in Medicine

The AIM’s website is an organization that accumulates disciplinary action and licensing information that is extracted from the Medical Board of a state. To gather information about a particular doctor, you can go through their directory “DocFiner.” and get all the information. Availability Of Medical Marijuana In Vancouver

 State Department of Health Services

The State Department of Health Services is known for providing information about several hospitals. Before coming up with a schedule for staying at a hospital, you must check out complaints and records related to all the hospitals in a particular area. So that you have all the information about it and didn’t fall in any type issue further. Else you might be in trouble. So it’s better to check out the record to all the hospital in your area or location.

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