Which Is The Best Treatment For Skin:- Microneedling Vs. Derma Rolling?

 Best Treatment For Skin

Are these two the newest trends in cosmetic treatment? If you’re hearing them for the first time, then you must be living under the stone. Though Microneedling has been in the market for the last 50 years, only recently has it started gaining popularity. So, how does this work, and how do you know the best one to pick? After we examine and explore each one of them, then we can compare Microneedling vs. derma rolling

What is Microneedling?

If you look at this word, it sells itself. It’s pretty self-explanatory. So, it’s a process involving several tiny needles puncturing your skin. As a result, you generate new facial collagens that give a smoother and tighter skin appearance. That’s why this procedure is also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).

In this process, a device called a derma pen includes small needles that make tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. 

According to qualified experts, micro-needling treats multiple skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks and more. 

What is Derma Rolling?

Derma roll is another form of Microneedling. But instead of using the derma pen, it uses a device known as a derma roller. If you’ve seen a paint roller brush, this is similar to that, except it contains many tiny needles. A practitioner gently rolls this device in different directions, pressing it on your skin until he attains the same effect.

Microneedling vs. Derma Rolling

Now that we understand both of these procedures, let’s delve more into their performance. One of the critical roles of Microneedling is to stimulate collagen. So, Microneedling prompts these proteins by needling the skin. It makes some micro-injuries on the outermost layer of the skin, signaling the body to produce collagen. 

And it’s this protein that helps repair the damaged skin or several skin issues such as acne scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. 

What Sets them Apart? 

Now, we’ll find out what differentiates Microneedling vs. Derma rollers

Micro-needling is more precise.

Being a more advanced procedure, the pen used in this process enables reaching tough and sensitive areas like the eyes. Derma rollers can’t penetrate in such places as upper lips and around the nose area. 

Provides customized treatment

As we mentioned above, due to the size of the pen device for Microneedling, a caregiver can offer specialized treatment. One advantage that this process has is being adjustable. That means it can work for specific skin conditions that can be unreachable with a derma roller. 

Less risky 

Due to the horizontal motion that derma rollers use, lateral punctures may be risky due to the odd angle. It’s a snag that might lead to scarring and bruising. Since the rollers have such a wide surface area, there is a high chance of tearing and putting the skin in trauma in each pass they make.

While this may lead to bruising, bleeding, swelling and tenderness, it would affect the patient’s quality of life. On the contrary, the derma pen works precisely, ensuring no skin punctures in areas other than the target. 


Between Microneedling vs. Derma rollers, which one do you think is more comfortable? While using derma rollers on curved surfaces, you’ll find it challenging due to their overall service area. Its movement mechanism would be difficult to penetrate in certain places, such as the scalp, since there’s no way to gauge the amount of pressure needed. 

When we compare how the derma pen operates, it’s such bliss as you can adjust the device right down to the needle depth. The procedure is more comfortable, and since its movement is straightforward, it’s a quick operation.  

The target application of serums 

While derma rollers work well to deliver peptides and topical hyaluronic acid compounds, derma pen works best. Most of these serums work on specific body regions and the face. Due to some curves and particular areas, the derma pen provides the necessary maneuvering.

It perfectly delivers products like the PEP growth factor. And this helps to enhance the appearance of hair while reducing acne scars on the treatment site. According to experts, consistent use may boost the results achieved by Microneedling alone.

Which procedure is affordable?

Microneedling vs. Derma rollers, which is pricier? That has to be a derma pen since it’s such an investment and takes more time. Derma rollers are more accessible and less costly than the derma pen. However, though expensive, these seem to offer better results at premium prices.

Great results

The use of derma rollers is pretty basic, hence giving fair health results. Individuals can even handle this tool themselves at home. Expected results might be ordinary, without a wow factor or much visibility.  

Experienced caregiver handles a derma pen and uses it purposefully, targeting specific areas. And with that in mind, using this device offers visible results and flexible treatment plans. So, if you’re a patient, you have a high chance of achieving your desired results after visiting a dermatologist or skilled practitioner. 

Who Should Avoid Microneedling?

  • Anyone with active acne will be risking infection if they go for Microneedling. 
  • Also, those with defective areas should wait for the pimples to vanish; they consider this process. 
  • If you have inflamed skin, rosacea, or eczema, refrain from this process as well. 

Key Takeaways of Microneedling

  • There is lesser damage to the skin when using a derma pen, unlike when using a derma roller. 
  • The flexibility of adjusting the depth of the needle helps the derma pen penetrate sensitive areas. The rollers don’t have the same feature due to their surface area. 
  • As the derma pen is precise, it eliminates pain and bleeding and other adverse reactions.  
  • During this treatment, the electronic needle rises up and down thousands of times per minute. And this ensures the target areas get treated evenly and much quicker.
  • Microneedling prompts more excellent collagen production while reducing discoloration.
  • In essence, the derma pen is a safer, effective and more comfortable procedure.

In Conclusion

The difference between Microneedling vs. dermarolling is that one uses rollers while the other uses needles. At the same time, the ultimate goal of both of them is to stimulate collagen production that helps to remodel and rejuvenate your skin. So, after putting the above points into account, will you go for derma rolling, which is a conventional method, or Microneedling, a much more advanced process of skin rejuvenation?


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