The Benefits of Supima Cotton T-Shirts

Cotton T-Shirts

Clothing has been made from cotton for centuries. Known for being soft, breathable, and comfortable, it is a very popular fabric. A variety of new cotton varieties have been developed, which improve the fabric’s qualities. 

What is Supima cotton? 

“Supima” is short for superior Pima. This material is more expensive and desirable as it is stronger, softer, and more durable than Pima. Approximately 1% of all cotton fabric produced in the world is Supima. The material is some of the most luxurious you can get, and it is exclusive to Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas in the United States. Since anything with the name Supima on it is guaranteed to be authenticated Supima cotton from the USA. Supima is the trademarked common name for the Supima Association, so Supima is Pima at the next level. This brand uses only the best, most superior-grade fibers in its products. This cotton is one of the finest in the world and is eco-friendly too. In this fabric, all parts of the crop yield are utilized, from the fibers to the seeds to the waste. It is 100% compostable and has zero waste. The Supima yarn is 35% longer than regular cotton, which contributes to the fabric’s strength and durability. As a result of its smoother texture, Supima yarn resists pilling and makes each wash softer for the garment. Supima fibers absorb the dye more effectively than other fibers, resulting in brighter, luscious garments that retain colors much longer. 

Difference between regular cotton and Supima cotton

Clothing consists mostly of upland cotton, which is the type of cotton that is most commonly used. Cotton of this type is also the most widely grown type. Despite the shorter fibers, it is still good quality cotton for regular clothing. Furthermore, it is incredibly affordable. Supima and Pima cotton has extra-long fibers instead of short fibers, which sets them apart from Upland cotton. When it comes to durability, softness, and overall fabric quality, the length of the fiber makes a difference.

What goes into the making of Supima cotton?

Many aspects of Supima cotton production are still done by hand, even though most cotton producers seek to automate their manufacturing processes as much as possible. Many Gossypium barbadense cotton producers pick the cotton seeds by hand, even if they use automated methods. The fibers derived from these seeds are then compressed to form bales. In the following step, the bags are brought to a large-scale production facility, where they are opened, and their fibers are mixed in a mixing machine. Decorative rope-like strands are woven from Gossypium barbadense fibers after being mixed. Carding can be accomplished either by hand or by machine. However, many producers automate the next step which is the combing process. The cotton spools are loaded onto bobbins after the cotton strands have been combed to remove impurities. Fabric is made by weaving the spun strands into yarn and then weaving them into the fabric. For the most part, Supima cotton producers grow their crops using nontoxic, organic, and sustainable methods. To create a luxury product that consumers will love, it makes sense to do things correctly, which is why Supima cotton is often preferred to Pima cotton or other upscale varieties.

Why you should wear Supima cotton T-shirts

Softness beyond the ordinary

It is comforting to wear something that lets your skin breathe in the summer, and garments are your second skin. You need to invest in clothes made from Supima cotton if you do not want your skin to suffer. As a result of its extra-long fibers, this type of cotton feels exceptionally soft against your skin.

Improved color absorption

It is pretty clear indeed that no one likes spending money on clothing that fades after the very first wash, especially those who favor solid colors. Supima cotton earns yet another brownie point here because it is excellent at absorbing colors as well as preventing them from fading.

The durability is uncompromised

Supima cotton not only feels softer on the skin but also has a stronger composition than similar kinds of cotton commonly used. Additionally, the extra-long fibers in this cotton and the products made with it make it so strong that it will be less likely to wear out because it is more resistant to breakage. 

T-shirts made of Supima cotton online at XYXX Apparels 

You can find affordable Supima cotton t-shirt in XYXX’s diverse collection of men’s T-shirts made of Supima cotton. A true classic that you can wear alone, regardless of the occasion, these t-shirts are an investment for your wardrobe. 


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