Top 10 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Kerala


A few of the features that characterize Kerala as one of the best tourist destinations in India are lush green tea plantings, serene windy backwaters, and spice plantation. Kerala is a popular place for travelers who come here to relax in a safe environment away from the concrete jungle. Kerala is a sight for wretched eyes in a state where the topography stretches from freezing hills to spotty beaches. This is a list of places that all those who visit this tropical paradise must-see.

1. Alleppey

The world-famous backwaters of Kerala are most well known for Alleppey or Alappuzha. The backwaters are a network of brackish canals, rivers, and reservoirs, which cross the state of Kerala in half. You can cruise down the waters while enjoying the unique flavor of the Kettuvallams of the home boats which offer amenities such as the typical cuisine of Kerala. There are several unique temples and churches for the other curious travelers which add value to Alleppey’s picturesque beauty.

2. Kochi

Kochi is the capital of Kerala’s culture and economy. It’s a center of tourism and draws tourists worldwide. There is a lot to celebrate in Kochi from China’s fishing networks to exotic spice cultivations. This town reflects a mix of different cultures that try to persist even until now. In every corner of Kochi, there is a surprise waiting to be found.

3. Thekkady

Thekkady is home to the famous shrine of Periyar Wildlife. Elephants can be seen across the sanctuary, explored the green woods, boarded a boat cruise across Periyar Lake, or safaris in the deep wilderness. Periyar is the ideal getaway in the misty Nilgiris Mountains for lovers of nature and for people who want to rejuvenate.

4. Munnar

Munnar is known as one of Kerala’s most lovely tourist spots. It is obviously one of the highest tea producers in the Indian sub-continent, situated on the Western Ghats. Your mind and soul are rejuvenated by the view of hilltops that hit the cloud in Munnar. The town lies on the other side of the Arab Sea, along with the Western Ghats, making Munnar a rare trip to city life. The backwaters of Palm, stunning cascades, sunny beaches, and mountain ranges, Munnar, all that! Munnar’s!

5. Thrissur

Thrissur was historically the capital of the Kingdom of Kochin, but, because of its spiritual, cultural, and religious tendencies throughout history, it is now recognized as the cultural capital of Kerala. A number of beautiful temples and churches can be viewed which become an activity center in the city during the festive season. If you’re in Thrissur, you have to try the delicious Vellayapam, a kind of rice hopper, a city specialty.

6. Kovalam

Lower your feet to Kovalam’s warm sandy beaches. Many cocoa trees can be seen here, add to these prime resorts, which have lush greenery, and you have a tourist destination for yourself. In recent years Kovalam has become a place of Ayurvedic healing. So Kovalam is your kind of getaway if you want to take a break and feel re-emerged.

7. Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the main hill resorts in the south, where tea, coffee, cardamom, potatoes, and other spices are grown. The region is full of natural wonders including waterfalls, caves, lakes, and dams that you can encounter in the cool weather in Wayanad. The area has many natural wonders. You can visit the Sanctuary of Muthanga wildlife, where animals such as spotted deer, bison, cheetah, and bear can be found.

8. Thiruvananthapuram

This town is the capital and possibly the most culturally rich part of the state, otherwise known as Trivandrum. Trivandrum has hosted a number of rulers who have marked the city behind them. The speedy creation of the unique heritage, which remains the area, did not hamper the architecture and culture. Especially in the city, the Kowdiar Palace, formerly the official residence of the Royal Travancore Family, is a must.

9. Kozhikode

Kozhikode was a habitat, much like Trivandrum, for several dynasties that left their mark on the area. Maybe that’s why Kozhikode is known as the ‘Sculpture City.’ Kozhikode is also known as the “City of Spices,” as a major commercial port for eastern spices. The District is known as Vadakkan Pattukal for its folk songs or ballads. The sweet-meat-street is a popular tourist hub and is a marketing center for many local products.

10. Kannur

Formerly an important British trading center in the south, Kannur still has the atmosphere of the colonial times in many parts of the town, mixed with the local taste of Kannur. The fort of St. Angelo, the Payyamabalam Cove, the wildlife of the shrine of Aralam, or the ferry ride along the Laccadive Sea can also be enjoyed. Kannur is everyone’s destination.


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