Top 4 Things To Remember About Asbestos Fence

Things To Remember About Asbestos Fence

While hiring a service for asbestos fencing, it is necessary to check their services and specializations before you hire. Asbestos was high in demand during 1945. But, as hazardous issues begin to occur it was banned in 1985. The utility of the material is reducing but people are still using asbestos fences for their property. After years of researches and practice, asbestos fences are used in places like swimming pools, external areas and as boundary fences.

Few things to consider while hiring asbestos fence services:

1. Asbestos clearance certificate

It is the first job of the company, to receive permission from the asbestos clearance certificate. After removing, the clearance certificate ensures that the material causes no severe damages to the people and the atmosphere.

2. The coating on the asbestos fence

Asbestos fencing at the boundary or the interior wall should always have a coating. Cement coating at the external layers will always cause the safety of material to get in direct contact with the air. The cement coats act as a safety barrier, but as it may start to corrode. Hereby it is a time when you can hire a service that can repair the cement coating.

3. Painting and coating

It is never safe to keep the asbestos uncoated. Always add a coating, it can be few layers of painting on the surface or cement coating. Keeping them uncoated will expose the asbestos layer that creates chances to release the harmful material into the air.  It can lead to serious injury and your family members can suffer from severe breathing problems. So always apply proper coating to your asbestos fences and you must hire a professional asbestos fence installation service in this regard.

4. Choosing an asbestos fence

The use of asbestos is almost no longer in practice. But there are still three main types of asbestos available, such as buried, post, rail, and woven. The bonding products as mentioned earlier have no effects or are not harmful to cause any health issues. The rail and woven asbestos are installed with the timber to develop better strength. So you can choose the best fences according to your needs.

Asbestos in commercial use in the western part of Australia

The production of asbestos can be differentiated into three parts that are for commercial uses. They are the chrysotile, amosite, and crocidolite which contain asbestos below 15 %. It is found in different products for various commercial uses.

Asbestos fences are mostly common in houses covering with cement. If you want to install fences within your restricted budget then you can choose asbestos fences. These fences are less expensive that wooden or aluminum fences. But, you need to spend an additional maintenance cost on these fences.

The best features of the asbestos fence are as follows:

1. Durability

The composition with other materials makes the product highly durable. Durability is one of the reasons that building and construction sectors use different forms of asbestos. Asbestos fences can last for years and they do not get affected by harsh climatic condition.

2. Fire resistant

When you install a fire-resistant surface or layer, remember it will have asbestos materials. Altogether the composition is best for the houses on the walls and the roofs.

3. Insulation property

The inclusion of insulation to reduce excessive heat from any space is possible by the vermiculite and loose filling insulation. It contains a good amount of asbestos that reduces the heat.

Asbestos fence is in use for the above features among which insulation and durability are the most vital features to choose such fences.  You can search such fences online and choose the best one according to your needs.


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