Reasons For You To Have A Swimming Pool At Home

Have A Swimming Pool At Home

Still in doubt about building a swimming pool? Check out some reasons and benefits that can help you make this decision!

Physical health:

Swimming, hydro gymnastics, stretching and other submerged exercises: there is no lack of physical activities to practice! Exercise performed in the pool improves the respiratory system and favors muscle strengthening and the burning of calories — and, all this, with a minimum impact and risk of injury. So, a pool can be a great ally if you want to lose weight or just keep fit and healthy! Check out more details on this link.


Did you know that a simple dip can reduce stress and renew your energy? This is possible because water has therapeutic properties, which contribute to the reduction of physical and mental tensions. In addition, diving also helps to slow down and calm the nervous system, providing a feeling of well-being.


A pool is synonymous with fun and good memories, after all, it is not the leisure item most sought after by Brazilians for nothing! Building a pool makes outdoor environments even more pleasant and complete to gather friends. Plus, it’s an opportunity to kick back and relax with the family without leaving your backyard.

Property valuation:

According to real estate consultant Silva, having a swimming pool at home is a great advantage and can increase the value of your property by up to 30%. Therefore, building a swimming pool at home is, of course, an investment that will add value to your home in the future. That is, the return is guaranteed!

The choice of location​:

You don’t want your fun times to be interrupted by worries and headaches, right? To avoid this situation, it is very important to analyze beforehand and choose a suitable place to build your pool. In this context, the main factors you should consider are:

Position and solar incidence:

Be aware: swimming pools should never be shaded! The ideal is to analyze the Sun’s trajectory and give priority to the north face of the land, so that the solar incidence is greater – even in winter -, facilitating its heating. Tips to Install Electric Shower

Trees around:

Avoid the presence of trees and shrubs too close together, as they can reflect more leaves and debris in your pool. In addition, consequently, they can cause filter clogging and require more frequent maintenance.


It is essential to choose a place of greater privacy to build your pool, either to avoid prying eyes or unauthorized use. In this sense, a possible solution to increase your privacy is the construction of walls, railings, traditional fences or even living fences. These have become popular among people who are looking for more beautiful and natural alternatives to decorate and demarcate their outdoor area.


Try to keep your pool sheltered from excessive wind, as this interferes with the thermal sensation — decreasing the pool temperature. Thus, walls and fences are also an alternative in this case.


This is an essential aspect for you and your family to enjoy the pool in the best possible way. However, comfort is not just about accessories arranged around you. It is also necessary to assess the circulation, organization and accessibility of the site, so that everyone can use the pool and move around the surroundings in a safe and comfortable way.

Important details for building a swimming pool

  • Size and shape: The first step in building a pool is to decide what size and shape it will be. For this, it is necessary to evaluate your ideas and the space available on the ground.
  • Depth: at this stage, it is essential to study your terrain to prevent pipes from being damaged in the site excavation process. In addition, you should also think about who the pool users will be and consider whether children will also use the pool.
  • Excavation: based on the shape and dimensions defined, this is the time to start construction and excavate land. At this stage, you are advised to dig the sides a little more (between 15 and 20 cm more), as the structure takes up some extra space.
  • Fall on the floor: a small detail, but of great importance. It is essential that there is an unevenness in the pool floor towards the drain, in order to facilitate the flow of water.
  • Ducts: before installing or making the pool crate, it is important to prepare everything for the project’s hydraulic installations, such as water inlet and outlet.
  • Waterproofing: the guidelines for this step depend on the type of pool chosen, which may vary between the use of asphalt mass, waterproofing mortar, among others. However, it is essential that you invest in this step to avoid possible infiltration into the structure.
  • Finishing: Time to get creative! Possibilities of finishes and coatings for swimming pools are not lacking in the market. However, they can also vary according to the type of pool chosen by the client. After this phase, just clean the pool, fill it and enjoy!
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