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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring In New Zealand & Its Uses

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring In New Zealand & Its Uses

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring In New Zealand & Its Uses

Laminate flooring Auckland is one of the most popular choices of flooring in New Zealand. It is especially popular in older homes and buildings due to the unique look and feel it offers. But it does have its limitations. We will now look at the limitations of laminate flooring in Auckland.

Limitations of laminate flooring, Auckland

The biggest limitations of laminate flooring Auckland are noise, dust, and stains. You need to check that the floors that you have installed are installed correctly and up to the level. Most suppliers will offer installation assistance when you get a sample. When laminate flooring has been installed, they need to be resealed every few years or so in order to maintain the original condition.

Another disadvantage of laminate flooring Auckland is that it is susceptible to damage due to moisture and humidity. Some areas of New Zealand have higher levels of humidity than others, such as the North and South islands. The South Island’s north coast is subject to extremely high levels of humidity throughout the year, which can cause the boards to expand and contract while new boards are being laid. The same thing happens to hardwood flooring in wet seasons. Hardwood is much more resilient to moisture, but not all types of hardwood can withstand moisture easily.

A major disadvantage of using this type of flooring is that they are not as durable as hardwoods or oak. Although you can get high quality laminate timbers flooring with a substantial veneer or sheathing, it’s still very possible for them to lose their finish over time. Some finishes can quickly become unbreakable, especially if you have kids or pets. These finishes can also scratch easily, so in a room with young children or animals; laminate flooring Auckland should be regularly mopped and vacuumed. You can avoid damage to your floor by choosing solid finishes.

Another disadvantage of laminate flooring Auckland is that in hot weather they may become damp or lose their protective coating. As these floors are made from composite materials they can easily be damaged by water seeping through their waterproof coating. To protect your floors, it’s recommended that you install a vapor barrier between your hardwood flooring and the wall or your laminate flooring panels. This will help to protect the floor and keep it looking brand new even if the weather gets a little wet.

Laminate flooring Auckland

Benefits of laminate flooring, Auckland

One of the benefits of using laminate flooring Auckland is that they look very similar to hardwood. Hardwood floorboards can have huge differences in color, pattern and texture, depending on where they’re grown. There’s something for everyone in the colour spectrum and a huge range of textures, grains and colours available. If you choose hardwood flooring a natural wood option, you can then choose an appropriate laminate flooring color and pattern for your room and keep your existing hardwood theme. Lighter colours and less patterned styles work well with contemporary and modern rooms, while darker colours and more detailed wood designs work well in traditional rooms.

Laminate flooring Auckland

Things to take care of:

When using a waterproof solution to protect your laminate flooring in NZ, it’s recommended that you use this solution when the room is not in use. If your room is continuously in use or has a lot of traffic passing through, using a waterproof underlay will prolong the life of the floor. In addition, you can stop any liquid getting into the underlay, which can lead to the boards becoming damaged.

You should also ensure that you clean up any spills and stains immediately to prevent any water-borne accidents from occurring.

Installing your own laminate flooring in New Zealand is very easy. You should plan on spending a couple of weekends installing the first few floors and then another couple of weekends once you’ve installed the remaining levels. You can purchase all of the materials that you need from your manufacturer. Most suppliers will sell all of their products online. You can order them from websites such as powerdekorfloors.co.nz which will provide you everything with the comfort of your own home, so you won’t have to worry about visiting an outlet in New Zealand. Remember, Laminate flooring Auckland is available to decorate any room in your home.


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