Brand Strategy Consulting Services For Small Businesses

Branding is a logo, colors, fonts. Branding is only for large companies. Branding is expensive. This is the top myths about branding that I have heard (and most likely voiced myself) every entrepreneur. Why these are really myths and why small businesses need branding, we tell you in this article brand strategy consulting services. What is branding? Branding is not […]

Why CRM Matters For Any Business

Customer relationships have become one of the unavoidable factors to achieve success in your business. The way you treat your customers can make a difference. Needless to say, Customer Relationship Management systems are now the most important tools for your business.  The philosophy behind using CRM software is simple- You need to put your customers first. Before talking about its […]

Find The Best Cloud PBX For Small Businesses

The Cloud PBX for small businesses in Birmingham is becoming more popular each day. There are many reasons why the number of companies using it is increasing each year. One is the fact that the phone lines remain largely the same. You have the standard telephone company but with a Cloud PBX, you will be hosted in the cloud and […]

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch?

About the format of work We call ourselves a “boutique” Portland digital agency. This means that each project has a personalized approach, prices are higher than average, and the team is small. From the very beginning, we didn’t want to build a “conveyor” agency. But there was no clear model of the team in my head, so, of course, we […]

10 Tips for Small Businesses To Simplify The Invoice Management

Invoice management is a critical part of cash flow and inventory management. It helps the business to keep enough reserve of cash to avoid a disruption of services. Also, the customers’ profiles and records are essential for planning and strategizing purposes. However, small businesses hardly have enough money to invest in invoice management systems. You need to put some extra […]