5 Ways To Set Up Your Virtual Office Instantly

5 Ways To Set Up Your Virtual Office Instantly

Virtual offices are a cost-effective and efficient way to run a business with minimum overheads or operational costs. However, a business owner should ensure that their enterprise maintains its professional image. Today, a virtual office will allow a business to expand its reach without physical or geographical limitations. According to research by Gartner Inc, many companies are shifting their employees to work remotely from home.

Even though virtual offices are suitable for different business levels, any business type may benefit from increased productivity and collaborative tasks. These type of offices are perfect for:

  • Small businesses
  • Work from home moms
  • Freelancers
  • Data entry clerks
  • Solopreneurs
  • Human resource managers

How to set up your virtual office

Whether you are a small business cutting up on costs or a start-up without finances to rent office space, a virtual office can be the right solution to achieve your business goals. However, you will need the right tools, set up stringent work processes, and have the right resources. 

Below are five surefire ways to set up your virtual office hassle-free. 

1. Start with a business address. 

A business address is one of the must-haves when registering for your business. It will enhance and promote your business’s credibility without its physical presence. Even though you can also use your home address, one can opt for a virtual business address. Many work-from-home professionals prefer the latter because it can scan your hardcopy mail and send a digital copy to your email. However, always choose a low cost mail forwarding service to avoid overstretching your budget.


2. Acquire the right resources and tools.

Finding the right tools starts with installing the right internet subscription to your business. It will help you send and receive emails, shop online, host your website, and showcase your services. According to Statistica, about 85% of Americans use the internet every day and may not enjoy life without it. Besides, several other platforms come into play to enhance or facilitate services in a virtual office like: 

  • Video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Zoom
  • Text and messaging apps such as Slack
  • Project management software such as Asana
  • VoIP services
  • Collaborative software such as Bitrix24
  • Cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive

All these tools and software will ensure that you maintain a personal touch with your customers. Besides, you can actively schedule and tick off complete tasks without crossing business deadlines. 

3. Map out your business strategy.

Although you are running your business from a virtual office, you still need to follow a similar strategy to that of a traditional business. At this stage, you should identify the products and services to offer your clients and how best to run the business. It might also necessitate the need of a business plan, which should include:

  • The executive summary
  • Your business description
  • Market analysis of your business
  • Your marketing and sales plan
  • Your financial feasibility and projections

All these factors are crucial in setting up your virtual office and identifying the right tools and resources. Besides, they will help you identify a suitable workspace and your business needs for smooth operations. If you are less confident about where to start with planning, visit your local chamber of commerce for guidance. 

4. Be organized and available to your customers.

Even though remote work can be flexible and cost-effective, there are hundreds of distractions, especially when working from home. Self-independence at work with limited supervision can inhibit productivity and sometimes missed deadlines. You will need to organize yourself and ensure a fluid connection with your clients and customers. Avoid skipping appointments, crossing deadlines, and forgetting tasks. Try to be available to your customers and clients so that you may fulfill your responsibilities. With several tools available online, you can manage contacts, schedule to-do lists, set goals, and plan your day. 

Try to sync all relevant information on your mobile and across all devices to ensure you are not missing any opportunities. This way, you will achieve your career and business goals without compromising on professionalism.  

5. Hire a professional virtual assistant. 

Are you new to remote work or finding it difficult to adjust to the new paradigm? You can hire a virtual assistant (VA). This is a professional who has skills in almost anything in the business field. They are the “jack of all trades” on the online scene. A professional VA can be an invaluable person helping you to delegate, organize, and schedule tasks efficiently. While you can delegate specific responsibilities to a VA, they can: 

  • Help run and manage your social media accounts.
  • Assist with customer relations and other services
  • Perform some administrative tasks 
  • Help delegate and organize your team.
  • Edit and publish your content

There are unlimited ways in which a VA could help. They can help you open endless opportunities for your business. Besides, they may help overcome hurdles relating to virtual business operations. 


Working in virtual offices is changing the way small, and large businesses carry out their operations. Even though remote work lacks social relationships at work or face to face communication, several tools and resources can compensate for it. With the right business strategy, tools, and organization, you should still be productive. A virtual office can be an efficient and cost-effective way to achieve your business and career goals.


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