8 Exquisite Resorts for Aware Travelers in South India

Resorts in South India

Green advocates are often criticized for being wasteful in the travel industry. And at times, the industry is right, if you think about it – burning the gasoline, excessive bathing pools, cured lawns, and 24×7 air conditioning. And it can place a great deal of pressure on the atmosphere. But this must not always be the way. In a way that calms your Eco-consciousness too, you can select holidays. The idea of Eco-tourism is becoming smarter and increasingly familiar to hotels and consumers. And they have also learned that you don’t have to give up any comforts just because you agree to be environmentally conscious.

If you read this and think that India is far from environmentally friendly, and probably has no Eco-friendly resorts, think again. Scroll on to the best Eco-resorts in South India.

1. Banasura Hill Resort

The Banasura Hill Resort is an agriturismo surrounded by 35 hectares of tea, coffee, pepper, and Caja plantations, located on the Wayanad hills. Wayanad is a place where many plants and animals are included in biodiversity. In recognition of these changes and in the interest of minimizing impact, the resort has put in place certain measures that will ensure its environment remains intact and contribute to preservation: rainwater production accounts for up to 40 percent of its water, water used is channeled into gardens and toilets and organic waste from a biogas plant is recycled to manure and kitchen fuel.

2. . Elephant Valley Eco Farm

The Elephant Valley farm is located at an altitude of 4,265 ft. above sea level. The farm consists of 20 villas and rooms built with granite and wood. The rooms are filled with sunlight, firewood-fired hot water baths, and winter iron wood stoves. Even the majority of cooking ingredients come from their organic farm.

Located at the Palani Hills about 20 km from Kodaikanal and over 100 acres green, Elephant Valley Eco Farm is located. One of the 25 major biological hotspots on the earth, this densely wood-specific region of the Western Ghats are.

3. Kabini River Lodge

The Kabini River Lodge is an environmentally friendly tourist destination operated by the Karnataka Government, under the Jungle Lodges & Resorts brand. The Kabini Lodge was the first project, and the brand has owned several properties throughout Karnataka since it was established in 1980. Located in the 54-acre estate along the banks of the Kabini River, the lodge is a former Eco-hotel hunting ground.

The Kabini river is said to be sacred, and along its banks is the Nagarhole national park, one of India’s leading wildlife reserves, where elephants, sambars, and deer spotted, wild boars, sloth bears, gaur, and the occasional tiger and panther live.

4. Kadumane Homestay

The Kadumane house is situated just 12 km away from Dandeli, the brainchild of Narasimha Bhat, a passionate naturist. The property offers five ecological cottages in three hectares of land next to the Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve, built of laterite stone and locally sourced materials. They still have a mud house and 20 tents, all of which are surrounded by aromas.

As an enthusiastic lover of nature, Bhat is trying to share his experience with his visitors. He spends hours with you, identifies the different plants around him, and even demonstrates how to remove sweethearts from beehives.

5. Karadi Malai Camp

Karadi Malai Camp is located 50 km south of Chennai at the edge of Vallam Forestry Reserve. The farm is abundant in birds, tiny mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. It is managed by Rom Whitaker and Janaki Lenin. This 12-acre land was a barren rice field when they began. It’s luxurious now and full of life.

To see some of the lovely animals you don’t have to walk too far. They have leopards, civet cats, porcupines, owls, scorpions, and snakes in their body, such as cobras, Russell vipers, ordinary kraits, and rat snakes.

6. Karuna Farm

Karuna is a cooperative farm with cottages for rent located on a high hill overlooking the Kodaikanal Valley. It is a way for owners to spread their vision of a new lifestyle in which people live in harmony with nature without sacrificing simple facilities and convenience.

The farm is totally off the grid and uses only solar and hydro-power. The environment and water supplies are fine all year round for cultivation. Karuna Farm also produces organic coffee, avocado, lime, jack-fruit, and custard apple. She has also her own beehives.

7. Rainforest Retreat at Mojo Plantation

Sujata and Goel Botanists began Mojo Plantation as part of a sustainable farming and environmental education promotion of ecotourism. Mojo Plantation The plantation, models on an organic farm, works on the ecological founders’ principles during their 20 years of botanical expertise.

They set up a Rain-forest Retreat on this plantation, a unique environmentally friendly project that allows visitors to feel the harmony of living with nature. They aim to create a forum for sharing knowledge with like-minded people on sustainable living, agricultural practices, and research programs.

8. SwaSwara

On the renowned Om Strand on 26 acres of green lawns is SwaSwara. You certainly have to take this vacation into consideration while searching for a journey that will rejuvenate you. They help their guests to find inner peace during their stay through yoga and meditation as their main treatment mediums. The resort is attended by a variety of instructors every day and provides ayurvedic therapies in complement to yoga therapy.

You get up with the sun and start your day with a yoga class or mandala meditation accompanied by the sea sounds. You can take long walks by the water, hike, kayak, or just enjoy the natural beauty while sitting in the resort.


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