9 New Year’s Getaways Luxury Resorts From Bangalore

Luxury Resorts From Bangalore

New Year’s new beginnings and celebrations, particularly with your loved ones, build new memories. And if you’re not at the party, let’s tell you there are other ways to celebrate the new year. We advise you to leave Bangalore quickly during this period, spend time with your loved ones, and relax in the magnificent resort. We have some of the best luxury Bangalore New Year resorts to really experience the best possible way of luxury and relaxation.

1. Old Bangalore is relaxing in a tent!

When you camp is nice to sit in a rustic tent. But it’s so incredible to stay in a palatial tent with fine decor. And at Olde Bangalore, about 29 km away from the city near the international airport of Bangalore you can do so. You can also splash around here the splendid swimming pool or play a variety of indoor games like table tennis and carom with your gang, as well as stay in a lovely tent lit with yellow lamps.

2. Luxurious Getaway At Orange County Resort

Couples out there! Should you wait to celebrate your love for a reason? It may not be Valentine’s day or your birthday but it is certainly New Year. And the spark of love at Coorg’s Orange County Resort is suggested to you. It’s a flaming environment, cozy cottages, an exclusive infinity swimming pool, a romantic coffee lounge, and a soothing Ayurvedic spa are just some of the reasons why you need to prepare for a new year here. This resort is 284km from Bangalore so that you can take your Bae on a road trip here. This is one of Bangalore’s best luxury resorts to tour in New Year.

3. Wonderful Time At Wonderla Resort

Pleasant Park. Fun. The two terms will carry someone’s face with a big smile of excitement. There’s no end to fun this New Year. Be sure to stop in the Wonderla Resort and ring in full the New Year instead of returning home after a drive down about 28km. Great deals are available here too, which include an entire trip through the water park and a stay at the resort overnight. You can do the best of both worlds this new year, from adrenaline, pumping trips in the park to fantastic facilities in the resort.

4. Cave Stay At Guhantara Resort

Were our ancestors ever wondering how they were in the caves? Stop wondering and experience the Guhantara Resort 30 km from the city of Bangalore. The whole resort is about 10 meters below the ground floor and is like a tunnel. This New Year you can have a rustic and earthy family experience here. The bedroom and the toilet are both decorated in an interestingly rustic cave-like way. During the day you will be able to select adventure experiences such as zorbing, ziplining, riding, and quad biking. For a relaxed experience, try the Ayurvedic Spa and the fish spa.

5. Mascot Beach Resort, Kannur

Drive down to Bangalore about 312 kilometers and visit this beautiful Gods Own Country beach resort. Mascot Beach Resort is built on a cliff with a stunning view of the blue Arab Sea. This New Year will become a dream place for tourists, thanks to the gloomy sky, the emerald seas, coconut trees, and the sounds of chirping birds. Take a dip in the pool or just laze around with a glass of wine gazing over the tranquil sea that holds your beloved hand at the Mascot Beach Resort this New Year.

6. Rustic Stay At Our Native Village

Are we all making new year resolutions on healthy living, taking a naturalistic approach to life, and engaging even more correctly with ourselves? Why wait for your resolution in January. Begin in our Native Village way before. This is a unique resort about 36.8 km from Bangalore. You will experience an atmosphere that is eco-friendly here, enjoy safe organic food, stay in a rustic environment, and even get the children to practice activities such as kite flying, pottery, cart rides, and even traditional games such as lagoon and Gilli pandas. 

7. Luxurious Stay At Goldfinch Retreat

At the goldfinch retreat, Luxury is just 27 km from Bangalore. Give yourself a spark of luxury in this resort this new year. Guests can certainly have a gala here: this is one of the finest New Year resorts from Bangalore to go, offering fantasy garden adorning this space, multi-cuisine in the restaurant, sleek, stylish bed, relaxing sauna, and even refreshing drinks to quench your thirst.

8. Kaav Safari Lodge Junglee New Year.

Kaav Safari Lodge is a comfortable place to stay with your loved ones, nestled on the edge of Nagarhole National Park. This resort is situated approximately 202 km from Bangalore and has a fantastic combination of rustic and luxury. You can select rooms with a view of Nagarhole National Park and you can also enjoy nature’s bliss in a spacious tent. Here away from the hustle of Bangalore, the serenity and loneliness make this one of the best luxury resorts of New Year. If you’re here, go to the Nagarhole National Park for the morning, or book a safari for yourself.

9. Vasco Da Gama Beach Resort Fun Getaway

Enjoy the great nature in Kozhikode, Kerala, at Vasco Da Gama Beach Resort, about 356 km from Bangalore. The resort is situated near the peaceful beach of Kappad. The brown rooftops, blue waters, luxuriant greenery make the resort of Kerala a fun and relaxing place. This new year at the Vasco da Gama Beach resort you will go to the beach and witness the sunset with your family in all its glory.


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