As the deadly Covid-19 is upon us, we need to take extra care of ourselves. As you already know that Precaution is better than cure, so you should keep some important healthcare devices handy. These devices will help you to check your physical health status frequently without going outside.

Covid safety measures

A pulse oximeter is one of the most important healthcare devices. It is a clip-like device that helps you to monitor the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of blood. It proves to be a very useful device especially for coronavirus patients, who may battle breathlessness due to a drop in oxygen levels. It helps to monitor their symptoms at home and seek medical attention sooner.

There are mainly three types of pulse oximeters. These are:-

  1. Fingertip pulse oximeter (Primarily made for domestic and clinical usage)
  2. Handheld Oximeter(Used in clinics & hospitals)
  3. Fatal Pulse Oximeter(Used in hospitals)

Features And Benefits

  • A pulse oximeter is a compact, painless, easy-to-use, and highly portable medical equipment.
  • Various pulse oximeters consist of an alarm feature that produces a beeping sound once the readings are ready to display.
  • Some pulse oximeters have a standard organic LED display. This bright display will let you check the readings easily.
  • It is painless and quick equipment that shows reading in seconds. 
  • It is an easy-to-use device. If you’ll use a fingertip pulse oximeter then you just have to put your finger between the clip-like structure then the bright screen will let you check the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of your blood.

Why Is A Pulse Oximeter Needed?

If You are the one who needs to check the oxygen saturation level i.e.how well your lungs are working then you should buy a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter helps you to measure the proportion of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood flowing in the pulsating vessels.

medical equipment

It can also be used for evaluating the breathing support or to check whether a person needs any breathing support or not. Using a pulse oximeter, you can even understand the health status of a person in case of various diseases. You can quickly(in seconds) check the oxygen levels in the blood at your home and can seek medical support easily if needed. 

A pulse oximeter is also used by nurses and clinicians in hospitals to check for conditions like pulmonary diseases or pulmonary fibrosis. It plays an important role to monitor the health of patients having breathing problems, asthma, anaemia, heart-related problems, etc. It checks the oxygen level of covid infected patients without touching them and hence contributes to maintaining social distance. It is also useful to check oxygen levels after an intense workout.

What Should Be Considered While Buying A Pulse Oximeter?

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There are a number of pulse oximeters for different purposes available in the market. If you want to buy a pulse oximeter then you should look closely at some important things while buying it. 

  1. Accuracy: The accuracy of the pulse oximeter should be perfect. Fluctuation in readings may result in false readings and ultimately wrong treatment and medication. It shows 2% more or less than the actual reading. It may be because of temperature variation, movement of the body, or any other factor. Like if the indicator shows 90% then it is somewhere between 88%-92%. So you have to record your readings accordingly.
  1. Whether it provides instant readings or takes time to show the readings. 
  1. Alarm feature: It would be better to choose a pulse oximeter with an alarm feature. It’ll produce a buzzing sound once the readings are ready to display.
  1. Whether the pulse oximeter is water-resistant or not.
  1. Price and feedback: This will help you to understand whether the pulse oximeter you are planning to buy is worth your money or not.
  1. Certifications: It shows the reliability of the device. Choose a trustworthy brand that has achieved certifications from recognized organisations.


So, If you really care for yourself and your loved ones then keep yourself updated with your health status. Buy a pulse oximeter and check the oxygen saturation level or pulse rate at your home without going outside or visiting any hospital. It’s really a very useful healthcare device, especially for these pandemic days. Do follow the Covid security measures and stay safe!!


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