How To Use Shampoo For Your Vibrant Hair

 Shampoo For Your Vibrant Hair

Learn how to shampoo color-treated hair right here 

No one wants to see their hair color wash down the drain soon after dyeing it. That’s why using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner set developed for colored hair can keep your hue fresh and beautiful, whether it’s brown, black, blonde, red, or beyond (hello, purple and rose gold!).

Shampoos are developed to get rid of oil and dirt, and different shampoos are designed for colored hair, colored micro weft extensions. Color-protecting products employ similar principles, but they also strive to reduce the amount of color washed down the drain.

Shampoos for colored hair typically contain fewer cleansing surfactants, as well as unique conditioning ingredients that coat the hair’s surface to keep dye molecules from escaping.

They help retain color and assist in disguising any damage by making the strands feel softer and smoother.

Tips To Wash And Condition Color-Treated Hair 

Here are four things you should be doing when washing and conditioning color-treated hair and micro weft hair extensions.

Tip #1: Find A Shampoo And Conditioner 

First and foremost, if you have colored hair, you must use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Many cleansers claim to be color safe, but the easiest way to tell is to read the ingredients and see if the product in issue contains sulfates.

Tip #2: Wash Colored Hair Only When It’s Dirty 

Looking at your scalp is the greatest method to tell if it’s genuinely time to wash the hair. As natural oil accumulates, your hair will appear matted, greasy, or shiny, but not in a good way. Make sure the weave weft is completely dry after washing to prevent bacterial growth. 

Tip #3: Rinse And Condition

After shampooing, rinse with lukewarm to cool water and apply conditioner immediately. Why not use warm water? Because heat opens up the cuticle of the hair, it causes the color to disappear quickly. Simply drop the temperature down a few degrees when rinsing.

Also, when conditioning color-treated hair, it is essential to keep it away from the roots and focus on mid-shaft and below to prevent hair from becoming flat. Rinse with cold water after letting the conditioner sit for a few minutes.

Tip #4: Tint Rinse 

It’s a pigmented temporary treatment that’s designed to brighten, tone, and give vibrancy to your color. Massage it through your hair after shampooing and before conditioning, then let it on for a few minutes, and you’re done.

Tint rinse is best done after the hair has been colored for 2-3 weeks. 

How To Use Shampoo For Colored Hair 

How to use shampoo for colored hair 

Follow these tips and learn how to use shampoo for your colored hair. These can be used for colored hand weft extensions to preserve the hue. 

  • If you are using a purple shampoo, it is recommended to mix it with your regular shampoo, especially if you are a first-time user. 
  • Alternate between a color-safe shampoo and a hydrating shampoo. Depending on how brassy your blonde locks are, you may not need to use the toning effects every time you shampoo; however, adding moisture and strengthening hair is vital to maintain it healthy.
  • Keep track of how long you keep a purple shampoo on each time so you can determine the best timing for your hair and porosity. The more porous the hair, the more it will cling to it.

Use the tips mentioned above for color-treated hair. Get colored micro weft hair extensions; if you don’t want to put your hair through the coloring process, you will get the same result, but without any commitment. 

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