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Keeping up with the tech innovations, successful companies, and making digitization their one choice. However, there is rough competition considering the high salary, in-house development, and significant spending. These companies look for alternatives. They look for dedicated teams for making the investment worth it.

By ensuring to Hire Dedicated Developers, 35% of companies proceed to keep the team focused on the tasks of high-priority. While 24% try to increase the efficiency by IT outsourcing. The rest 18% choose to receive assistance from the highly-qualified vendors.

The dedicated team also comes in handy in cases where there is a requirement for taking the load off from the mail team, increasing the team flexibility, there are difficulties in the tech talent hiring, etc.

Considering it all about the mode, the guide has been prepared to provide the right help for hiring dedicated web developers with no mistakes.

Dedicated Web Developers

According to this model, there is a project requirement for hiring remote workers, the team of whom can work independently. Customers can also use this model for choosing the management either from their end or by hiring for the team, the vendor project manager. The model ensures long-term partnerships. Even though the customer agrees with the vendor for the duration of the partnership and signs the contract, the team sometimes can still be scaled up/down as per the demand.


  1. Better flexibility- Dedicated team size is easy to be managed, depending on the development situation. When the pool tasks get big, the team can get expanded, and additional developers can be hired.
  2. Talent pool- A tech talent pool is created by hiring from the vendor, a remote development team, and using the model one doesn’t remain limited to the homeland and connecting with global companies becomes easier. Offshore and nearshore tech hubs are full of experienced developers to make a choice from.
  3. Cost-effective- It is an outsourcing model but is cost-effective. It allows one the opportunity to pay less and get the same services (high-tier software development).
  4. Control- It brings in full control, and customers carry out the management, assign management to their own project manager and then establish appropriate reporting, making the development process transparent.


  1. Knowledgeable Developer for better team supervision- Hiring dedicated developers is essential, and so is the proper tech knowledge and expertise held by them, or controlling project development becomes doubtful. So, any tech person, i.e., PM, etc., would be necessary to be on ones’ side to work better with the team.
  2. Communication- Remember, outsourcing is equal to the long-distance talks between the development team and the product owner. So, make sure to know that communication will be affected due to time zone, mind language, and even cultural barriers.

How is a Dedicated team different from other modes?

For companies, the dedicated team is the most suitable choice, but there is a requirement to understand the difference, as explained below.

Fixed Price vs. Dedicated Team 

Development services are paid for fixed costs in a fixed price contract. Before the contract is signed, the project requirements are studied for assessing the cost and time development (project discovery phase approach), but this co-operation is risky for all vendors as they none is immune to any of the unforeseen problems, and this can get the team off-schedule and cause financial and reputational loss. But then, its transparency and stability make the customer value this contract even when it isn’t flexible. For small projects, it might be useful with a tight budget as in-advance the final price gets defined.

Time & Materials vs. Dedicated team

Payment for actual development time (equals final cost and then multiplied with hourly rates of developers) is made in time & materials contract. But herein, along with web developers, designers, project managers, and the business analysts, all charge money, and the team can be scaled up/down as the contract is quite flexible. 

For small contracts, it is not suitable. The minimum price is set by the outsourcing companies, and co-operation is refused from their end if project cost is lower than the minimum price.

Hire Dedicated Developers- Steps to follow

It takes time, especially when a reliable vendor is to be hired. But hopefully, the below-mentioned will help and ensure one making no mistakes.

1. Defining Business Goals

Better negotiation can be done by understanding business goals. So, one needs to know beforehand,

  • Problem to be solved
  • Features for solving problems and ensuring value for the end-users
  • Technologies to be used for achievement of goals

2. Lookout for expertise

Vendors can be filtered based on their expertise for narrowing the list, and looking for vendors with experience in the concerned industry will be of great help.

3. Jotting down the list of vendors

Create vendor lists and take the help of aggregators if necessary. Pay close attention for,

  • Size and Portfolio of the company
  • Any awards/certificates
  • Reviews, etc. while preparing the list

4. Meeting schedule

Filling the list of suitable companies, one should ensure to negotiate by connecting with them and letting them know the project details, and hearing what they have to offer. Based on this information, the final decision is, therefore, to be made to ensure further corporation.

5. Working with the Dedicated Web Developers

Once the company is found, one needs to hire dedicated web developers, and this acquiring process is to be done in different stages.

6. Requirements

With negotiations underway, project requirements are to be collected by the vendors for assembling the team. As a part of the negotiation requirement for a team experience, works schedule and organizational concerns are all to be considered.

7. Assembling team

Generally, the vendors have in-house talents, and the client gets to choose the programmer, but sometimes when the specialist does not exist, new employees are required to be hired, and once done, interviews are to be conducted from the available pool. It is the customer on whom; the final decision rests as the customer is the one who makes a choice if the candidate is worth joining the team.

8. Onboarding

Hire dedicated developers and then allow the team to know each other, get through necessary materials, and with tasks and deadlines move along. Long term communication channel is also set up in this stage.

9. Coordinating development

The customer includes the hire dedicated web developers in the team as long as they want, and the new team workflow is calibrated for achieving maximum efficiency.

10. Scaling up/down

Different companies have different ways of this stage. Some look for expansion and higher dedicated developers for coping with the task, while some scale down method development is getting to an end.

Dedicated Web Developers team members

The list includes,

  • Web developers- Makes website and does web app work. They include back-end developers (deal with the app’s brain and are experienced with algorithms) and front-end developers (responsible for the app’s user-facing part and have extensive skills with experience in creating functional interfaces).
  • UI/UV Designers- Responsible for creating a unique look for the app and website; they work from scratch, ensure the right color scheme with proper fonts and alike. Development cannot be started without these designers.
  • QA Engineers- They are responsible for producing a bug-free product, and they do it by testing each of the features and for the developers to write bug reports. They are responsible for preparing the test environment and checking out UX and UI for any logical issues.
  • Project Manager- They are a stress-resistant strategist and have well-developed skills for communication. The managers are responsible for complete projects irrespective of the development stage. They take care of the workflow and its implementation and act as an intermediary between employees and customers, trying to sort out concerns and conflicts and creating a comfortable scenario.

Dedicated team- how to manage it?

It is essential to know how to manage the team before one proceeds to hire dedicated web developers. There are different aspects that can be used for controlling the development process including, KPIs for measuring the work efficiency, communication for staying in touch with the remote team and ensuring fewer mistakes, and reporting, which ensures to have a bigger picture of what is done and what is required to be done. 

From where to hire dedicated developers?

Finding a dedicated team that can help fulfill the task might not be easy. One will need to have complete knowledge about the outsourcing region at that time and will also be required to search different platforms for giving a boost to the process. One can either use tech hubs or can use the best search platforms for fulfilling their requirements. Choices are there; all one needs is to know the requirement and move ahead.


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