Discover the Ultimate Toolkit: 7 Top Vtiger Extensions from the Vtiger Extension Pack

Discover the Ultimate Toolkit: 7 Top Vtiger Extensions from the Vtiger Extension Pack

Vtiger extension pack is an all-in-one suite for businesses working on Vtiger for their day-to-day tasks.

In this article we will discuss how configuring the extension pack is beneficial for your business and also tell you the top 7 best-selling vtiger extensions included in the pack.

Table of contents:

  1. The power of Vtiger CRM.
  2. Configuring vtiger extensions with your CRM.
  3. The role of Vtiger developers in designing the vtiger extension pack.
  4. Top 7 Vtiger extensions from the Vtiger extension pack.
  5. Summary.

The power of Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger is known for its power-packed features and capabilities. From custom module building to ticket management and customer portal. It is filled with tons of advanced features to enable users to manage their business effortlessly and take the business to the next level. Even though vtiger is a CRM solution CRM software is associated with only customer relationship management processes. The software is extremely popular among the masses for other everyday tasks.

Configuring vtiger extensions with your CRM:

Another, popular way to increase the productivity of Vtiger software is by configuring top-notch vtiger extensions and integrating the software with other useful tools. However, it is highly recommended by industry experts to take advice from professional vtiger developers or service providers before configuring any vtiger extension with your CRM. Because vtiger extensions are designed considering the overall workflow of the software and the needs of different industries using the software. 

Thus, always make sure to analyze your brand’s strategies and priorities before configuring any vtiger plugin. Moreover, you can hire vtiger developers to assist you in the process of implementation and setup of the tool. 

The role of Vtiger developers in designing the vtiger extension pack:

The third-party vtiger developers craft hundreds of useful vtiger plugins to boost the performance and UI of the CRM solution. Today, even some vtiger developers have launched their exclusive vtiger extension pack full of the top-most useful vtiger plugins every business should configure. This vtiger extension pack is cost-effective and easy to configure increasing its popularity among the vtiger users. This is why, most businesses are apt for the extension pack to customize their CRM.

These business owners and their employees install the necessary vtiger extensions directly from the CRM ignoring the hassle. 

Top 7 Vtiger extensions from the Vtiger extension pack:

The vtiger extension pack crafted by VTDEV is filled with the most effective and influential vtiger extensions every business wants to configure with their CRM instances. Following are the top 7 vtiger extensions included in our extension pack:

  1. Reports and Dashboards: The dashboard is the first screen you will see when you log in to the CRM. This extension allows you to customize your dashboard, and add custom widgets, graphs, and so on. Vtiger reports help in analyzing the progress and growth of projects and project tasks. The extension is an advanced version of vtiger default reports and enables you to create different types of reports including charts and graphs. 
  2. Advanced Gantt: Gantt charts are another very useful project management tool used by most project managers. It displays a graph of project details and progress which can later be used to generate reports and make data-driven decisions to increase the proficiency of projects.
  3. Mention Extension: The mentioned extension for Vtiger is one of the best add-ons to our extension pack. This extension can be used to streamline your team collaboration enabling users to mention other colleagues in comments of a record and grab their attention.
  4. Advanced Email extension: With the help of vtiger advanced email extension businesses can run successful email campaigns. It has an intuitive and user-friendly email composition area allowing you to design your custom email templates. Further, you can choose from the predesigned email templates saving you time and effort.
  5. Customer Portal: The customer portal extension within the extension pack is an advancement to the default portal of Vtiger. With improved functionalities like listview analytics and advanced UI, it has been one of the most powerful vtiger extensions for users.
  6. Advance Item Table: The advance item table extension for Vtiger CRM is best for the marketing team. Enhancing the basic item table helps to upscale your invoices and inventory management.
  7. WhatsApp Integration: The Whatsapp integration for Vtiger is the new launch by VTDE and is included in the extension pack. It upscales the communication and collaboration for the businesses and allows businesses to run successful messaging campaigns and reach out to the target audience.

Other extensions included in the vtiger extension pack are a Keyboard shortcut, Kanban view, Progress bar, Custom alerts, Customized Login page, etc. The lists of the best vtiger extensions from the extension pack can go on and on. With over 30 powerful vtiger plugins it is said to be the most effective way to improve Vtiger’s functionality.


No matter the size or budget of your organization. Vtiger CRM can perfectly be synced with your business and enable you to boost your business processes. By configuring up-to-date vtiger extensions and customizing the layout you can improve the overall functionality and productivity of the tool. Hire professional vtiger developers and get top-notch vtiger services to remould your CRM according to your business.


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