How do I Create a Year Wise PST file in Outlook?

create a year wise PST file in Outlook

To increase Outlook performance and avoid PST file corruption, it is recommended to keep the PST file smaller. In this guide, we discuss the solution to create an annual PST file in Outlook.

PST is a personal storage table, a database file format used by Microsoft Outlook to contain email messages, calendars, events, and other data. PST files, also known as personal folders, are also used to backup or archive email messages and transfer email messages between computers or email accounts in Outlook.

Why Should Users Want to Make a Year Wise PST File in Outlook?

  • Large PST files slow down Outlook performance and make it difficult to access emails and other data.
  • Smaller size PST file can easily backup and recover in case of data loss.
  • As mentioned above, large PST files are susceptible to corruption, which can lead to data loss. Split the PST file into a smaller size to avoid file corruption issues.

How to Create a Year Wise PST File in Outlook?

Since Outlook does not offer a direct solution to split PST files. Therefore, we recommend you to go for SysTools PST Splitter Tool which is the perfect solution and allows you to split PST files based on size, date, year, email address and others. This wizard is specially designed with advanced algorithms to get accurate results without worrying about data loss.

  • Download the alternative wizard on your Windows computer and then run it.
  • Find the PST file and insert it into the software interface.
  • Select PST file size as per needed.
  • Finally, set the destination of the result and then press export to get the result quickly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Alternative Solution

  • Create a new PST file in Outlook in a smaller size as needed.
  • You can split the PST file based on date, size, email address, year and subject as required.
  • This wizard is very simple to perform by all types of technical and individual users.
  • I created a new PST file without affecting the original PST file.
  • There is no need to download any other application, not even Outlook, to complete this process.

Time to Say Goodbye

In this tutorial, we have shared the solution to create an annual PST file in Outlook. We have also explained the basic description and reason behind this question. Furthermore, we have also discussed a completely effective and reasonable solution to solve this query without losing an iota of information.


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