Best Things To Do in Asheville

Things To Do in Asheville
Things To Do in Asheville

Best Things To Do in Asheville-The town of Asheville is located at the western edge of North Carolina. The city, however, is very different from Carolina’s other urban civic seats of Raleigh and Charlotte. Located very close to the mountains, it is an excellent place to plan a trip in the lap of nature. The blue ridge parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains are two such spots in the city that prove the statement to be true. The town is famous amongst locals and tourists alike for its high-end dining scenes. Apart from the scenic beauties of the town, it is known for its artistic approach and cultural significance. 

Some of the main attractions include the vibrant Biltmore estate, an abode of the Vanderbilts. Around the Chimney rocks of Southeastern Asheville are famous for their serene scenes of lush green forest area, backdropped by the next mountains. Let’s visit these places by going through our article about the best things to do in Asheville.

Top 5 things to do in Asheville

See the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a tourist spot famous for its vibrant trees and picturesque locations. Spread across a considerable length of 469 miles, the park stretches from the Great Smoky mountains in Carolina to Virginia from the Shenandoah National park. If you are a fan of the fall season and want to soak in some of the most beautiful scenery of your life, we remind you this is one of the best things to do in Asheville. However, if you are like me and can’t stand vast crowds of people, we suggest you take a trip amid summer or later spring.

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Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore estate is a huge piece of sophisticated urban land spread across an area of 8000 acres. The main attraction at the center of it all is Vanderbilt Mansion. The mansion alone is responsible for 4 acres of this area. In the United States, the biggest private house has more than 250 rooms, 43 washrooms, and 199 bedrooms. The mansion is laden with artworks, vintage items, and incredible 19th-century architecture. Apart from the mansion, you can also find time to move across the gardens and farms located inside the estate. Things To do in Dubai

The Western North Carolina Nature Center tour

The Nature tour center is one of the unique things about Asheville, or North Carolina in general. The center, spread across an area of 42 acres, is a complex that aims at teaching the people of Asheville about the natural species of animals to present here and the types of Habitats the city boasts. Indoor activities include watching exhibits about Reptiles, marine animals, and amphibians. The world underneath us summit is meant to educate the audience about what is below the surface of Asheville. 

The outdoor summits are not as fancy but will show you all the natural habitats of animals like raccoons, foxes, otters, turtles, and even endangered farm animals.

Live at the Biltmore Village

Biltmore village was amongst one of the first township societies in the world. An entire colony dedicated to the employees of the Biltmore estate and their families. The village today is a huge tourist attraction for its British influence and historical importance. Known for its high-end shopping street, you can shop around some great stores and at the end dine at one of the many restaurants here.

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