7 Key Advantages of Using Primavera P6 for Project Management

Project Management

Primavera P6 is robust and reliable project management/EPPM software. The software allows its users to manage their projects more efficiently and proficiently. In nutshell, it is a very powerful and useful project management/EPPM software and can provide lots of advantages to a project manager. Keeping this in mind today we are going over the seven key advantages of using this robust software for managing projects.

Here are the key advantages of using Primavera P6 for managing your projects.

Helps in Mitigating Risks

Problems like overrun issues, unforeseen expenses, deadline extension can increase the cost of a project. Due to which the management might decide to implement cost-cutting measures to reduce the cost of a project. However, such measures might affect some important aspects of the project. But with Primavera P6 you can easily avoid such situations. The software can easily identify and forecast risks that might affect the project and increase its cost of completion. So, make sure you use this software if you want to mitigate risks and avoid problems like overrun issues, unforeseen expenses, etc.

It Is Very Easy to Use

Another great thing about Primavera is that it has a very user-friendly UI and is very simple to use. What does this mean? It means that you won’t face any difficulties while navigating through the software and using its features. Yes, you might have to spend some time learning about all the features of the software. But once you are familiar with them you can easily use them for planning, scheduling, and managing your projects.  In nutshell, it is very user-friendly and simple to use software and can help project managers a lot in their day-to-day work. To learn how to use the software for managing your projects feel free to join Primavera-P6 Training Institute in Delhi.

Helps in Forecasting

Many times project managers may need additional resources for completing their projects on time. But forecasting such needs is not easy, especially if done manually. However, by using Primavera you can easily solve this problem. Using the software, you can easily process a large quantity of complex data and generate reports for analysis and forecasting. Besides this, the software also allows project managers to easily share their analysis reports with stakeholder’s/business executives.

Facilitates Communication

Primavera P6 allows a project manager to easily communicate and collaborate with various teams to complete a project. Using it you can easily share details regarding tasks to employees and set up a custom work schedule for them. Additionally, workers can also upload their work on the software so that the project manager can easily identify the current situation of a project. Amazing, right?

Helps in Tracking Progress of a Project

Another advantage of using Primavera P6 is that it comes with lots of tracking features. The software comes with robust tracking features using which project managers can easily track the status of their projects and ensure that they are completed on time. Besides this, the software also allows a project manager to see the status/ progress of the project in real-time.

Budget Management

Completing the project under the budget is one of the biggest challenges that a project manager faces. However, by using Primavera P6 a project manager can easily solve this problem. The software allows a project manager to easily track and control their project expenditures and ensures that the project is completed under the budget.

Manage Resources

Using the software, a project manager can easily monitor and manage their project resources to make sure everything works fine and the project is completed without any difficulty. Besides this, the software also helps a project manager in controlling the resource costs of his projects. So, do use Primavera P6 if you want to reduce your project’s resource costs and manage your resources more efficiently. To learn how to reduce your resource costs using this amazing EPPM software feel free to enroll yourself in the Primavera-P6 Training in Noida.


There are lots of benefits/advantages of using Primavera P6 for managing projects. Using it you can easily mitigate your risks, manage your resources and budget more efficiently, track the status of your project, etc. So, if you are a project manager then do check out and use this amazing project management/EPPM software. It will make your life and work a lot easier and simpler.


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