5 Tips To Buy Mirror Online?

5 Tips To Buy Mirror Online

Mirrors are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your décor and brighten your home. They’re not just for the bathroom. Mirrors are functional and aesthetic and can be used in any room. A mirror at the entrance is a great way to check your look before you step out. You need a full-length mirror to get ready and you could use mirrors in your living room décor too. Today, you can buy mirror online. From unframed mirrors to mirrors in ornately carved wooden frames, the choices are endless. To ensure that you get what you want, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1.Choose between a wall mirror and a floor mirror                        

The first choice before you is between a mirror that will be mounted on the wall and one that will rest on the floor against the wall. Floor mirrors look grander but they take up more floor space. On the other hand, a wall mirror takes up minimal real estate. Floor mirrors are usually rectangular but wall mirrors can  be in any size or shape.

2.Choosing a size

Mirrors are available in a variety of sizes. If you’re arranging your mirror above a sofa or a console table, the size of the mirror should be about two-thirds the size of the furniture. You also need to consider the size of the room, the room’s colour and the amount of natural light available. To get an idea of what your mirror will look like, you could use a paper template. Round mirrors are usually available in a diameter of 50cm and 80cm. Rectangular mirrors are often found in sizes such as 50 x 80cm, 60 x 80cm and 70 x 100cm.

3.Choose the right thickness

Apart from the length and breadth of the mirror, you must also check the mirror’s thickness. When you buy mirror online for a home the thickness usually ranges from 1/8 inch to ¼ inch. Thin mirrors may be used as cladding on furniture. If you’re looking for mirrors as décor piece son their own, you should ideally choose one which is about ¼ inch thick. This ensures that your reflection is not misshapen even when it is mounted on a wall with an uneven surface.

4.Frames or unframed

When you buy mirrors, you’ll have to decide between buying a framed and unframed mirror. Unframed mirrors have a modern, minimalistic style appeal and can be easily integrated into any décor. If you choose an unframed mirror, you should ensure that the edges have been buffed. Else, there would be a high risk of you cutting your finger on the edge. For a better finish, you should also look for mirrors with tapered edges.

In terms of frames, there are many choices. The type of frame you choose will determine the mirror’s style appeal. You can find mirrors with wooden, acrylic or metal frames. Wooden frames are the most versatile amongst them. While polished wood frames can look sleek and modern, a whitewashed thick framed mirror can look shabby chic or give off a beachy vibe. The finish of these frames could be glossy or matte. Some frames may also be painted. The frame also vary in terms of thickness and ornamentation style. You could choose a plain mirror frame or a frame with intricate carving for a more ethnic look.

5.Choose a known brand

When you’re buying a mirror online, you can’t see the quality of silvering and evenness of the reflection until it is delivered home. Not all vendors accept returns and you don’t want o be stuck with a poor quality mirror that warps your reflection. The only way to avoid this is to always buy mirrors from a well-known brand. Brands have an image to live up to and will thus pay attention to their quality control measures. They will also have clearer return and replacement policies as well as after sales service. Branded mirrors may be slightly more expensive but it’s worth paying the difference. You don’t want to have to keep changing your mirror because it breaks or doesn’t have an even reflection.

To sum it up, make sure you choose the right size and shape of mirror. Using a paper template can be helpful. If you choose a framed mirror, keep your overall décor style and items such as clock, keyholder and small stuff in mind and find a frame that matches that mood. When you buy mirror online, your mirror should be delivered home within a few days. Unpack it carefully. The type of screw you use depends on the wall type and the mirror size. While small mirrors use a single hook, large mirrors will need a double hook. For the latter, it is advisable to get a professional to take care of the installation as you may not be able maintain the mirror’s level.


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