The Real Power Of Peak Pilates

peak pilates

There are many ways to exercise at home, but there is nothing that offers the overall body strength and flexibility like Peak Pilates.

Developed by Joseph Pilates, a German National, Peak Pilates focuses on using resistance to create balance and stability within our bodies. With over 40 years of research and testing, this method of exercise has helped many people reach their fitness goals. However, with other exercise machines out there, how does Peak Pilates stand out? Here we have a look at the pros and cons of the Peak Pilates fitness reformer, as rated by users.

The best Pilates reformers for home use are well-equipped with a range of sophisticated features, hence their selection by users as standout choices. While it takes up more room than your typical Pilates chair, a reformer gives you a solid workout and the same benefits of traditional Pilates exercises.

Another piece of Pilates equipment that can be used in your home gym is the Peak Pilates Prosthetic Body. It looks just like a body sculpting kit, except it is made out of sturdy rubber instead of plastic. Like the foot bar, the mat comes separately. However, the Prosthetic Body is not just meant for working out but can also be used for private lessons with the use of headphones and speakers.

How does it work?

With Peak Pilates, you will need two tools: a mat and a foot bar. Mats are used during your actual workout to help cushion your body. Foot bars, which come in various colors, serve as handles to hold your mat down. The mats and foot bars come separately, depending on which version of the Peak Pilates software you buy. While some reformers come with everything included, other versions of the software will require that you purchase the mat, the foot, bar, and handrail sails separately.

Why should you go for Peak Pilates?

As expensive as it may sound, the Peak Pilates system is an effective way to get started in Pilates. This is because it uses a specialized revolutionary Peak Energy system, which has been proven to have superior results over traditional forms of exercise.

Peak Pilates certified teachers also perform a series of tests, called “dives”, before issuing a certification. Once certified, you are ready to get started in the easy-paced world of Pilates.

How do you achieve the best results using a peak pilates reformer?

The secret to achieving the best exercise results is to complete all of the introductory modules before moving on to the advanced level. There are eight modules in total, covering everything from posture awareness to strength training.

Once you have completed the basic course and worked through the intermediate level, you are ready to move on to the advanced level. This requires additional study time and potentially the purchase of additional books or videos.

Even though many people who buy feel that the mat work should be optional in the method, we strongly believe it should be included. Without a strong foundation of core strength, all of the other exercises rendered will be useless. Furthermore, it can take 20 hours or more of strengthening, focused exercise for each individual to reach their desired fitness goals. Mat work helps make this possible, and hence this, certification proves to friends and family that you are serious about your exercise program.

When you have finished your mat work, you can then progress to the next module, which focuses on alignment. This involves the identification and correction of your posture. After this, you will learn how to control your breathing so that you are not bending forward of your own accord. You will learn to align correctly before moving on to the plank position. Finally, you will need to know how to perform a variety of balancing exercises, including standing meditation as well as a balancing act on the ground. By the end of the advanced level, you will have all of the techniques necessary to perform an effective routine.

Peak Pilates: the most innovative machine

With its innovative technology, the Peak Pilates system continues to challenge the boundaries set by other fitness machines currently in the market to date. The Peak Pilates system holds the world record for being the most innovative and technologically advanced piece of fitness equipment to be launched in the history of personal fitness. To buy such a machine you can visit


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