12 Ways To Renew The Kitchen And Make It Look New

12 Ways To Renew The Kitchen And Make It Look New

The good news is that you can update and even give more personality to your kitchen without renovating anything and you can still do it in just one weekend, can you believe it?

We’ve separated 14 kitchens, which have been renovated and will give you the tricks and insights of what to do in your kitchen. It’s just for you to choose the thing that bothers you the most, make a quick shopping list and use a day of your finder to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Let’s see how to breathe new life into your kitchen in the blink of an eye?

Put on a rug for charm:

A soft, cozy element will give your kitchen a super cozy feel not only in appearance but also in feeling when you step into it. Of course, you can spill something on the rug at some point, so opt for a rug that is easy to clean, rugs like sisal, for example, are not the best option, so check the list. Wool or cotton with a more earthy feel or with a print are ideal for this type of environment and I’ll tell you: they are also beautiful.

Install LED strip lighting:

You can install LED wires under your overhead cabinets to illuminate the countertop where you will be cooking. Or maybe put it on top or inside a cupboard with glass doors to softly illuminate the room. There are many colors and you can select the one that best suits your style. If you are daring, bet on a different color.

At first the installation of a LED wire is super easy, just in case get all the information on how to install it at the lighting shop. But if you’re not much of a do-it-your selfer, hire a professional, I believe it won’t be too expensive because the installation isn’t time-consuming or complicated.

Changing your metals can be liberating:

The second idea of ​​our guide: a new faucet!! (Please don’t leave me. Not all ideas for renovating involve wiring or plumbing).

Put your hubby on hold, or if you’re one of those people, who, like me, are afraid (or insecure?) of doing this kind of thing, don’t worry, installing a faucet is super easy and can be done with very little noise (most are unscrewing, threading and screwing), just be sure to turn off the water before starting.

Make a Backsplash yourself:

If you rent an apartment or are afraid to commit to an aesthetic style and regret it, you can try putting on your black splash. Look down here for this awesome tutorial on how to make a hexagonal coating. We love this idea and will definitely test it out. For Residential Plumbing Tips Click Here

Remove some of your closet doors:

Often removing some cabinet doors makes the kitchen look bigger. Yes, even bigger. If you find your space a little cramped, or if you like the open shelving aesthetic but don’t want to tear down your entire closet, just try removing the doors. This is a super easy way to drastically change the kitchen and if you change your mind you can put them back.

Paint the outside of your cabinets:

I believe this is the fastest and most drastic way to change your kitchen. My brother did this with the bedroom closets and it looked great. Paint your cabinets, this will freshen the look and give that change you need indoors. It’s my belief that this alone will make a difference.

We love this shade of green from the kitchen, which complements the delicate and feminine vibe of white, marble and gold in the room.

Decorate with artwork:

The kitchen is that space that adds, in which most people like to spend time when they’re at home, when we get paid then, don’t even mention it, every party ends in the kitchen. So why not decorate your kitchen like you decorate the rest of the house? It can indeed be decorated with paintings, travel objects, you can give a new use to an old object, photos, prints, these MUST decorate your kitchen. Leave the utilitarian decoration aside, leave only the elements that use the best view and invest in art. Of course, anything placed above or near the stove will have a layer of dirt on top of it pretty soon, but if you’re cool like me: it’s part of it, go ahead and make the kitchen beautiful, isn’t it? For Hydraulics Click Here

DIY a Pegboard Wall:

Because that’s what Julia Child would do (and finally, you’ll have a perfect, cool place to hang all your favorite and prettiest kitchen utensils, and aprons and tea towels too). Check out the video we found on youtube with a super cool pegboard idea.

Paste a wall or a piece of wall or even a part of the floor:

Thanks to the sticky tablets (we love those small and very white ones), this idea can save you a lot of money. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, consider grouting with a black or gray mortar so you are not constantly cleaning the grout.

Clean your countertop. (yes, all that, off the counter):

The priority for a kitchen is to have space on the counter, it seems that it is easier for a kitchen just not to have anything on top, right? So keep all those cuddly utensils you don’t use all the time inside your cupboards, in your pantry or even in a closet in the hallway if you need to. Use when cooking and then shovel, straight into the cupboard. Your kitchen will look brand new.

Replace your lighting fixture:

You can do something crazy and completely change your light point, put a wall sconce or even a neon (for those who want to spend a little more). However, for the most conservative, just changing the kitchen ceiling lighting can already work miracles in the environment. First we always have to think about functionality, lighting is super important for cooking, so the main thing is to leave the room well lit. Once this is solved, see a lamp that matches your style. Maybe some retro lamps or some globe chandeliers to give that super cool air?

Wallpaper inside cabinets (or drawers)!!:

Unless you have a glass-door cabinet, this change isn’t going to be one of the biggest changes in your kitchen. Let’s say you won’t notice anything different at first glance, but you just open a drawer to be greeted with that fun and creative air of print colors. For those who have a phobia of prints and don’t know how to insert them in the decor, that’s a really cool way to use them.


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