Why Communicating With Packers And Movers is Essential?

Packers And Movers

Have you decided to move? Found the right place to move yet? If the answer is yes, then you must look for the packers and movers too. After all, they are the ones who will help in executing the packing and moving of the household items. To find the right packer you need to contact them directly. This is a crucial time, to ensure that you establish a great relationship right away.

At this point in time, one must have proper communication with the team so that, they understand your needs and plan the move accordingly. This will help in moving things smoothly. So, what are the other reasons for communicating with the packers and movers? Have a look at a few pointers to help you out and understand the situation better. 

Reasons to Communicate with the Packers and Movers

Booking the Licensed Packers and Movers

If you are looking for packers and movers, then it is normal to get attracted to the lowest of quotes. This may seem like a good offer but will it be a good thing for you in the long run. No one will tell you about their license number clearly, you will have to talk it out. Honest ones will tell you once you straightforwardly ask them. But if you don’t ask them, you will not know whether they have any license or government-approved registration number.

For quality services you need someone who is government-approved as they will follow all the norms and protocols of the business. When you are deciding on the packer and mover don’t let your judgment be clouded by the rates given by the companies. While checking the service providers, look for the registered documents. Licensed ones charge a bit higher than those who try to make fake promises. 

Relating the Needs Clearly

While looking at the packers and movers for Mumbai, you need to get the estimates from at least 2-3 moving companies. After comparing the quotes from different movers will you get the finest of rates. Once you find the one whom you want to select for the work, it is time to relate your needs to the companies properly.

This may seem very trivial to you but plays a big role in processing the move smoothly. Check the three moving companies, if they all are ready to provide the same household shifting services in Mumbai at better prices. Services decide the type of move that will make shifting your household items a bliss. Relate your requirements for the move such as pets, kids, or the elderly, so that, they can plan accordingly.

If you have too many heavy items or have several fragile items, all these things need to be mentioned to the packers and movers so that they can plan the move and get the required packing materials prior to the move. Try and get all the facts straight before you approach the moving company.

Getting the Specific Details of the Move

After deciding on the moving company, they will come for a pre-move survey. Take them for the house tour so that they can draw the inventories that need to be moved. Here, you need to communicate about the important information such as availability of the lift or the flight of stairs, fragile items, heavy items, electronic gadgets, etc. It is crucial to tell them this so that they can prepare the move accordingly and not increase the charges for the move.

Communicate these things to your moving company as they won’t be able to perfectly predict the items until you clear the air yourself. Clear everything with them, even the minute details as well.

Getting the Clear Idea about the Procedure

You might be new to hiring packers and movers from Mumbai to Kolkata. Even if you are not, for every mover the procedure is different. So, ensure that you discuss the procedure of the move. Communicate with them to get a clear idea about the moving processes. You should understand the type of items they can transfer or not transfer. It is also important to discuss the details so that, you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Communicate about the time they will arrive, how to prepare the house before the move, what are the items to keep ready before the move, members of the family involved in the move, etc. It is after this will you be able to plan and strategize the move earlier, even before they arrive on the spot. Once you understand the procedure, there won’t be any scope for mistakes.

For an In-home Estimate

After finalizing the mover and packer, you need to invite them to your house for the pre-move survey. While conducting the pre-move survey, you can ask them for the estimate. Don’t accept any quotations that are related to you over the phone.

You have all the right to ask the movers about the price break-up. Establishing communication with the movers will help you get the right quotes from them. You may gain an estimate over the phone but that is just the initial package amount. This amount may fluctuate with time and the addition of the items. this may come as a surprise to you. To avoid any such thing on a moving day, invite the moving company home, before the moving date.

Discuss with them all the matters related to the estimate. Get a detailed description of the price break up so that, you know how the estimate has been calculated. During the discussion, you can also ask, under what circumstances will the amount fluctuate. don’t shy away from asking questions to the moving company as not doing so can put in a grave problem or unsatisfactory results.

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Until and unless you talk about the issues you won’t know how things proceed. Communication is the key to smooth packing and moving services. So, if you are planning to get along with the packers and movers in Mumbai you better start communicating with them from day one


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