Positive And Negative Aspects Of Underground Power Lines

Underground Power Lines

Underground power lines or cables are widely used for powering applications, where it is dangerous, difficult, or impractical to use overhead lines. These are widely used in some of the densely populated urban zones, mostly in factories. It can even be used for supplying power from overhead posts to the consumer premises.

When compared to overhead lines, the underground power lines have some advantages and disadvantages to address. When it comes to pros, underground power lines will have lower chances of developing faults, smaller voltage drops, and lower maintenance costs. 

But, they can be pretty expensive to manufacture, and the cost will vary based on the voltage rating and construction.

The advantages:

Get the ultimate protection from strong winds:

Sometimes, storms with strong winds can uproot power lines, leaving the residents without power for many days. Not just power cutting in the city, but downed power lines can expose multiple electrocution-based hazards. But, the underground power lines can eliminate all these issues from the core.

Preventing billions of money in damages:

Power lines in every part of the country will span over millions of miles. It might cost you billions of money to transit the entire underground system. But, some critics will argue that with an increase in the frequency and severity of storms, the initial investment cap will be less than the cost of damages later. For lowering the installation cost, it is highly suggested to coordinate underground-based power line installation with proper road repair. It will reduce future excavation costing.

The aesthetic value:

Well, let’s just be honest. Dangling power lines over your head is not exactly aesthetically pleasing to watch. Some areas will have concrete power poles installed for strengthening out the electrical grid in some of the hurricane-prone regions. Well, the residents are not always happy with the concrete power poles. In terms of enhancing the scenic beauty of a place, underground power lines seem to be winning many votes!

Generating positive economic impact:

Another interesting proof of underground power lines is that it helps in generating a positive economic impact. For that, it will reduce the downtime, due to outage causes, for the local businesses. So, your business will always remain active without worrying about faulty electrical lines most of the time.

The disadvantages:

New hazards on the line:

Even though you can protect the underground power lines from falling trees and high winds, but floods and earthquakes can severely damage the entire underground line. During such instances, you have no other option but to take care of the entire electrical line all over again.

Not quite practical in some areas:

Some areas are not practical for the underground power lines, especially if there is a sandy region of unstable earth. These areas will withstand multiple failed programs while trying to bury the underground cables. Again during the storms and high-end floods, the underground power lines and the entire system will get flooded too soon.

Quite difficult to access:

In order to maintain the underground power lines, you will need heavy machines and equipment for moving earth and getting hold of the wires. In some parts, installing the underground wires might call for breaking through various granite layers, which are nearly impossible to address. 

So, buying power lines in those areas remain crucial. The issues might arise mostly in mountainous regions. It will furthermore increase the cost and difficulty of the installation and maintenance routine.

Some obstacles to address:

Sometimes, undergrounding can be too risky to address. Due to underground obstacles and some of the other utility lines like water, gas, or telecommunication lines, excavating the earth deeper for the electrical wiring can be a tough note to address. If not careful enough, deeper excavation can ruin the already existing lines.

It depends on your needs:

If you think about it there is no clear answer on whether you should go for underground power lines or not. It completely depends on the region you are living in, your neighborhood, and the condition of the earth. Only experts with years of experience can help in judging the present condition of the ground before starting the excavation works for underground power lines. So, let the professionals handle the case with ease.



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