What Tools You Need To Cut Your Own Bangs At Home

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So you are thinking about cutting your bangs?! Bangs are so in right now! We are seeing them everywhere. Bangs are one of the top trends for Spring 2021. Whether you are going for curtain bangs, short blunt bangs, or soft wispy bangs, you will need tools to achieve the look you want. While it’s always best to see a professional for your hair needs, sometimes that is not an option and has to be worked around. You can most certainly cut your bangs at home; make sure you are using the proper tools and watching some videos before you start. If you have a doll laying around, practice on their hair before you attempt yours. The tools you need are pretty basic, and most people have them at home; the only tool that is not necessarily a staple in a home is cosmetology shears. They might require additional purchase. With that said, these are the tools you need to achieve your dream bangs. 


The first thing you should do is wash your hair. Make sure to shampoo your hair and condition it well so it’s nice and clean. Having grease and built-up product in your hair will affect how it lays and could leave you with uneven bangs. Once your hair is clean, you will want to grab a brush and blow-dry your hair until it’s completely dry. Cutting your bangs wet is never a good idea; they will most likely end up shorter than you wanted. 

Flat Iron 

Once your hair is dry, it’s essential to flat iron your hair so that it’s completely straight. This way, your bangs are all even and ready to cut. If you have curly hair, it’s best to see a professional because curly hair is difficult to cut and is hard to get an even bang if not appropriately done. If you have wavy or straight hair, flat ironing will help you get that perfect look you want.


Using cosmetology shears is an absolute must for cutting hair. Please don’t attempt to cut your bangs with kitchen scissors; they don’t cut precisely and don’t allow complete control. Grab a pair of cosmetology shears before you try to cut your bangs. Cosmetology shears can be pricey, so If they are out of your budget, it may be more cost-effective to go to a salon to have your bangs trimmed. If you plan on cutting your hair at home and using cosmetology shears frequently, they may be worth the investment. 

A Comb 

You will want to use a comb to make sure you are grabbing the desired amount of hair and parting your hair correctly. Any fine tooth comb should work. You might need to practice holding the comb and your hair a few times. Having the comb will allow you to have complete control over the section of hair you are cutting and will help you hold it in place. 

A Step by Step Video  

Make sure to watch some step-by-step videos before you attempt to chop your bangs. A few important things to pay attention to are where you cut, pay attention where they are holding the hair in the videos, and what angle they are holding the hair. Cutting longer than you want first is always best; that way, you can gauge where you want it and don’t cut off too much hair. 

Now that you know what you need and have learned the necessary steps, it’s time to attempt your bang trim. By no means are bangs an easy thing to cut, so doing it at home can be risky. Make sure you are confident in the steps you need to take before you start, and make sure to collect all the items you need so that they are within reach and you won’t have to go walking all over to find them in the middle of your haircut. You may want to have the video you like best up and playing so that you can follow it step by step! Be confident and know that if you mess up, it’s just hair, and it will grow back!


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