What Features Should You Consider When Buying An AC

 Buying An AC

Most homeowners use their air conditioners a lot more during the summer season. So, it is essential for homeowners to monitor their air conditioner unit regularly and ensure that it is in good condition before summer ensues. . If you can do that, then you will be able to avoid unexpected issues with the AC unit during hot summer months.

If you have no idea on how to examine an air conditioner unit for signs of damage, then you should get in touch with a professional AC installer in NYC. The expert repair technicians from such a company will be able to identify and resolve issues with the AC unit.

In some cases, the technicians from AC installers NYC might advise you to replace the older AC unit with a new one. If that’s the case, then you will need to consider some features before making a final buying decision. If you are wondering where to get started, then do not worry because we have prepared a list of some of the most important factors that need to be considered.

Accurate Humidity Control

Some of the air conditioner models available in the market are equipped with features, which enable users to control the humidity levels. Having better control of humidity levels will ensure greater comfort to everyone who is living in the house.

This is why air conditioner units that come with a variable-speed compressor are highly recommended by AC installers NYC. Such AC units will not just give you better humidity control, but will also operate at low speeds.

Operates At Low-Noise Levels

Another important feature that you will need to consider when looking for a new air conditioner unit is noise. If you are planning to install the air conditioner unit on the patio or near your bedroom, then you will surely need to consider the noise factor. This is because you do not want the AC unit to disturb you when you are sleeping.

Most modern air compressor units available in the market are equipped with multi-stage compressors and they operate very silently when compared to AC units featuring single-stage compressors. In addition, most modern units come with sound blankets, which reduce noise when they are turned on or are running.


It is true that a manufacturer’s warranty is usually included when you purchase a new air conditioner. Most AC models generally offer the same set of warranties. In fact, you can expect a 1 or 2-year warranty for the unit. If you want to keep the warranty intact, then you will need to hire an AC repair technician for regular maintenance.

Several homeowners often tend to open their air conditioner or try to fix issues on their own without seeking professional help. It is best to avoid such practices, as that may affect the warranty of the air conditioner unit.

Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners will be aware that air conditioner units are usually rated by their SEER ( Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This means that AC units with a higher SEER will have better energy efficiency, which is why it is best to select a model with a higher rating.

AC systems usually consume the highest amount of energy in most homes and office buildings. It is estimated that one can make 20 to 40 percent savings on energy bills by Choosing Higher Seasonal energy efficiency ration Systems.

You should also ensure that the AC model you are purchasing comes with an energy-saving mode, which will automatically turn the fan off when the compressor is turned off by the thermostat. The fan will continue to run even when the compressor is turned off in normal cases, but the above-mentioned feature will enable you to overcome the issue.


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