Importance of Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos

As technology is advancing, brands do not solely rely on television advertisements. Now the focus has shifted from television advertisements to interactive video technology. Now the marketing strategies mostly incorporate digital solutions. Gamification in videos is a hot topic in brand marketing these days. It has also helped a lot of business organizations reach dazzling heights. 

You can see interactive product promotion videos on a majority of websites. It has proven to be highly profitable for the brands as it helps in increasing brand awareness, customer satisfaction and trust in the brand and overall profit of the company. Before we start talking about the benefits of interactive videos, let us first learn in detail about interactive videos. 

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video allows the user to interact with the content in the video using different tools. It is a marketing strategy used by companies to increase customer engagement and reach their digital marketing goals. These videos are very engaging and entertaining as compared to the linear videos. As the brands have started to use digital marketing strategies, the customers have also become more informed and aware.

When a customer wants to know about a particular brand or its products, he will first reach the internet. An interactive video will help the customer in understanding everything in a better manner. It is because around 90% of the viewers prefer watching videos to learn about product. It makes it easy for the companies to know about the customer queries and feedback about the brand and its products. Interactive videos make it easy for brands to communicate with their audiences. 

Why are interactive videos important?

Interactive product promotion videos are one of the best marketing techniques in the digital marketing field. It draws and attracts people to your website and drives sales. Here are a few reasons that make interactive videos a crucial part of business marketing. 


There is always fear in the companies of losing their loyal customers to their competitors. Therefore, you must prepare yourself with an effective promotional strategy to promote your brand and its products. With the help of an interactive video, you can show the customers the benefits of using your company’s products and services. It will make it easy for them to decide if they want to make a purchase from your brand or not. It is a positive way of increasing customer engagement. 

Betters the brand image 

Interactive videos are of high quality, the interactive gamification video in particular. Gamification provides a different way of product promotion which makes the brand stand different from its rivals. These interactive videos are a great way of improving the brand image of the company. It helps in communicating the brand‘s message effectively to the audience. Many videos provide an option of a feedback button. It enables the companies to know if their brand lacks something and there is a scope for improvement or not. 

Drive sales

It is good to get a lot of views and attention on your interactive marketing videos. But what matters the most is the number of people getting converted into your customers after watching your videos. Most videos have a call to action or CTA button in their videos. It makes it convenient for the customers as it guides them through the sales funnel.


Earlier marketers could track the success of the video only through the views rate. It was not an effective way to learn about the video’s success as it did not tell if the video led to any conversions. Now the times have changed. Interactive video technology offers metric tracking. You can now do many things such as track clicks in a video, paths taken between the videos, etc.


Interactive videos are a relatively new form of marketing technique. Many businesses still have not started to incorporate it as part of their marketing strategy. These videos are very engaging and compelling. If you want to expand and want it to get noticed by the people, go for interactive video marketing. 

There are plenty of interactive video platforms that you can use to create fun interactive videos for your brand’s promotion. Research the features offered by these platforms before starting with the video creation. Cinema8 is one of the best platforms for interactive video making. 


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