What Are The Immediate Things To Do When Your House Has Water Damage?

Your House Has Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common things to happen in houses across California. It can sometimes be because of a broken pipe, a leaking faucet, or the roof plumbing getting damaged in a storm. 

When you find water damage on your ceiling, walls or flooring, it needs to be attended to as fast as possible because the more delay there is, the more severe the issue becomes, and more expensive to fix. The immediate rule for handling any emergency, no matter what place, is to act fast.

Is water damage an event you face multiple times in a year? Do you often pay a lot of money for getting repairs and restoration done? Are your average annual water leak repair or water damage restoration costs increasing every year or going beyond $800 or $2,000? Then, it is time to frame an approach that helps you prevent water damage events or minimize its consequences.

But, first things first, if you are faced with water damage in your house, take quick actions to prevent risks and further damage as well as to control the existing damage.

1. Turn Off the Water Mains or the Shut Off Valve

If water is flowing and spreading across the interiors of your kitchen, rooms, etc. and the cause is a plumbing leak, turn off the water supply. If you do not have a water shut off valve attached to the leaking plumbing, then turn off the water mains. 

2. Get Possessions Out of the Way

If water is flowing out from your bathroom or kitchen drain because of a blockage, or maybe you are faced with a sewer line backflow, then remove as many items as you can that come in contact with the dirty water. Check the direction of the flow of water, and quickly remove carpets, rugs, appliances or furnishing out of the way. 

3. Switch off Power Supply If There is Risks of Electrical Wiring Getting Affected

If the water leak is in the ceiling or wall, and there is a risk of electrical or electronic items being exposed to water, then switch off the power supply. You never know if the electrical wiring inside the walls might get wet and cause further damage to appliances. The possibility of electrical shocks cannot be ruled out in such a situation, and that is why switching off the power supply is a good idea. 

4. Detecting the Possible Cause of Water Damage and Stopping It

Some causes are visible, such as an overflowing sink, laundry equipment leaking water, a burst pipe or a faucet, or clogged drains. Find out ways to stop the flow, such as by using a plumber’s tape and wrapping it tightly around the leaking pipe. 

If you have turned off the water supply, the water will automatically stop flowing out, but if you cannot access the water mains quickly, then stopping the flow of water through other temporary means is the next best thing. 

5. Keep the Insurance Company Informed

In case of water damage scenarios for which you are backed by insurance, contact the company or agent as soon as possible. Also, contact an experienced company offering top water damage restoration in Newport Beach, CA. Find out if they can help with insurance through a proper investigation, on-time measure to minimize damage, and help with documentation for claim processing. 

A top water damage restoration company in Newport Beach, CA, will know the best steps to take to make a clean claim through correct procedures, evidence, and actions. 

6. Drying Out the Area

If the water flooding inside your house is caused due to a plumbing leak, call a top water damage restoration specialist in Newport Beach, CA. The company will send certified, licensed professionals with expertise in water damage repair, cleanup and dry-out. 

If water has flooded your interiors as a result of natural calamities such as a hurricane or a flood, you might have had to leave your property and stay elsewhere. Find a top water damage restoration specialist in Newport Beach, CA. Get the water removed and dried out, dehumidify the house, and check with an electrician before settling back in your home.

Also, consult with your water damage restoration service provider about identifying and removing all damaged items, and restoring salvageable belongings. Your service provider should be one that is capable of helping you with making an inventory, and take all possible action for insurance. 

7. Restoring Your Property

When water damage repair is handled by inexperienced teams or restoration service providers, people face frequent issues over the months and years following a restoration job. You might find mold under the carpets or damaged wood behind cabinets, dampness in some areas of the wall or ceiling, or a recurring plumbing problem. 

That is why always hire a top water damage restoration firm in Newport Beach, CA to get your property restored in the right manner. Expert professionals have the latest and best equipment to offer optimum restoration in an affordable manner. Expert plumbers and technicians will check the possibility of salvaging all water-damaged areas and possessions, and ensure optimum restoration. 

A top water damage restoration firm in Newport Beach, CA, will do a complete check to detect even hidden traces of water, excess moisture, mold, and water damage. 


Time is a key factor and the time taken for every action matters when it comes to water damage restoration. When you hire technicians who are certified in water damage restoration, you save maximum. They take the right actions at the right time, following an organized plan for optimum restoration. 

You get to salvage more belongings damaged by water, and get all problems solved in a minimum time. You also find the most affordable options for replacement of damaged items, while getting all help to file a clean claim and get optimum insurance.


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