Web Bluetooth App for iOS. Custom web solutions for IoT

Bluetooth App for iOS

Bluefy – is a handy Web Browser with the support of advanced IoT technology — Web Bluetooth APIs. The application allows you to create custom solutions for connected devices via Bluetooth, right in the Bluefy browser. The use of such browsers on smartphones is gaining popularity. The main advantages of Bluetooth web browsers are that they are universal. The user can connect any BLE device and configure it in the browser. The user must have access to a web page that supports the device that he wants to optimize.

The modern market of connected devices is extensive. We can connect and track data about the operation of devices or configure them on smartphones. Users download applications that allow them to implement the previously mentioned tasks. You can connect devices to your smartphone via Bluetooth, starting with a fitness tracker, ending with a car engine. However, the more devices you join, the more downloaded applications take up RAM, and the more “noisy” their use becomes. The web Bluetooth browser allows you to solve this problem because it can be one app for several connections.

Bluefy efficient tool for iOS Bluetooth

Bluefy – is a browser that allows you to create custom solutions for connected devices thanks to specific web pages. As a rule, we can use Bluefy to configure simple devices from the field of IoT wearable devices. Users can communicate with the outside world using the Bluefy Bluetooth browser without using native applications for connection with BLE devices.

Users can communicate with the outside world using the Bluefy Bluetooth browser without using native applications for connection with BLE devices. The users can start using it without any registration. To see the advantages of the Web Bluetooth app – turn on Bluetooth on smartphones and BLE devices, wait several seconds until to unit them. After that, users need to open the Web Bluetooth API page that supports your device in the Bluefy app. Finally, connect with the supported BLE device and use the functionality that the web page provides. Bluefy does not limit the number of connections, and at the same time, it does not lose performance.

Solutions that users can create with Bluefy

The main task of Bluefy is that it makes it possible to imitate the capabilities of native applications, such as stand-alone operation, notifications, and other features.

The app’s functions are free to use, and consumers can experience the application to the best of their abilities and desire. However, knowledge in web development is an additional plus because then the opportunities become wider. Bluefy is also suitable for ordinary users. With the growing popularity of Bluetooth Web Browsers, manufacturers of BLE devices began to offer users adapted web pages on which, thanks to a Bluetooth connection. You can configure the device on them, thanks to a Bluetooth connection.
If we talk about developers, Bluefy can be useful for implementing the following tasks. For example, make your own web R&D, demos, improve user experience, share solutions with others, develop something fascinating and unusual.

Bluefy community – 25 000 iOS users from all over the world

Bluefy suggests localization on English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish! Developers will soon add more new languages, namely Swedish and Ukrainian.
Currently, the number of Bluefy users is more than 25,000. In addition, the support service cooperates with users and helps in solving technical issues, and improves the user experience.

Do not forget about Bluefy as a reliable browser. Developers strictly work on protecting the application and adding solutions such as protection against data mining and phishing. Among other things, Bluefy does not have built-in advertising, and the design is not visually overloaded with elements.

The developers have made sure that their users get an exceptionally positive experience from working with Bluefy.


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