Wearables for Kids: Is the World Ready?

Wearables for Kids

Do you trust technology with kids?

As per research, most parents agree that parenting has become more complex during the screen age than it was about 20 years ago. Not only smartphones, but technology in general leaves a huge impact on kids. 

One tech that is booming nowadays is wearables technology, with half a billion devices sold last year. Every other person is using smartwatches or fitness trackers to keep track of their health. Entrepreneurs have realized the opportunity, which is why they are investing in building compatible apps with wearable devices. 

Notably, children are more drawn towards these wearable devices, and the debate is on currently. While some parents are stuck to the fact that wearables make their lives easier due to in-built GPS trackers and other benefitting features, others do not support the same. 

Are you confused?

In this article, we’ll unveil both sides and get to the solution! So, how excited are you? 

The Usefulness of Wearables for Kids 

“Every coin has two sides.” Similarly, wearables for kids have their pros and cons that shall be discussed below. 

Take a look at some of the top-notch advantages of wearables for kids:

1. Location Tracking

One of the primary reasons parents purchase a wearable device for kids is to keep track of their movement. The best part is that these devices consist of GPS features that can be directly connected with the complimenting mobile apps on parent’s mobile phones. Therefore, real-time notifications or information is sent on the mobile phones, making it easier for the guardians to keep a check. 

Some of these wearable devices for kids also enable parents to activate geo-fencing. 

What is geo-fencing?

The feature enables setting up geographical barriers; if crossed, parents receive immediate alerts about the same. 

Additionally, the cherry on the top is an SOS button that authorizes kids to video or voice call during an emergency. 

2. Entertainment and Games 

Some parents can be possessive about their kid’s health and stop them from going out to play, especially during and after the pandemic. However, it is not righteous to not give children their play time. In this situation, wearables can be helpful in keeping the kids busy and entertained. 

Numerous wearables are integrated with gaming or technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to intrigue children. Not only this but education can be incorporated with gamification for better learning and enhancement in creativity. 

NOTE: Screen time limits must be emphasized. 

3. Health and Activity Tracking 

It is not surprising that kids nowadays are not very active with physical activity and prefer watching TV, playing games, etc. However, wearables can play a tremendous role in keeping the parents informed about their kid’s physical activity and health. Therefore, they may encourage the children to exercise, stay hydrated, sleep well, and more.

Moreover, wearables with additional sensors might let parents monitor kid’s heart rate, body temperature, etc. These sensors use Machine Learning and immediately alert parents upon abnormal conditions. 

Are you interested in wearable app development for kids? 

Now that we know how wearable devices can benefit kids and make parent’s lives easier, a few risks are also associated with the device. Keep reading to learn more! 

The Pitfall of Wearables for Kids

1. Poor Security

It is claimed that kid’s wearables have security loopholes that can put owners at risk. Well, it is true that most manufacturers do not emphasize investing much in children’s wearables, making kid’s an easy target for hackers. 

Undoubtedly, IoT devices can give anyone unauthorized access, extending to the ‘smart toy’ market. Some of kid’s toys contain smartphones or cameras, paving an easy way for hackers to track and collect information. 

2. Safety Concerns

We understand parent’s concern about their children, and because guardians can be overprotective, wearables may become a medium. As mentioned above, GPS or any other tracking facility allows parents to monitor their kid’s location or movement. However, this might deprive children to gain their experience and live freely. 

Furthermore, it might make kids entirely dependent on their parents for every decision they make or every move they follow. 

Sure, wearables are a reliable security measure for kids of younger age; however, young adults and teenagers must be given their space. 

What Would Make Wearables Safer?

Like any other technology, wearables, too, have their defenders and the opposition. Getting to know about its advantages, it is not hidden that wearables can become an exceptional medium of childcare staple. However, the manufacturers and app developers must emphasize developing a secure experience. 

Numerous companies are already paying attention to add advanced security measures; however, if you’re going for wearable app development for the first time, you must take a note of the same. 

On the other hand, parents are also responsible for their kid’s security and must weigh down the pros and cons of any device they pick. Here are a few important tips for the parents:

  • Select the most secure wearable device after researching the models and their functionality. 
  • Once you purchase the wearable, reset the default password.
  • It is advised to reset the password every month.
  • Check the settings like privacy controls, and make necessary changes if needed. 

In a Nutshell

Assuming that you’re well familiar with the importance and drawbacks of a wearable device, secured wearable app development is essential to maintain the privacy of buyers and their children.

As mentioned before, companies have started leveraging advanced security options, the use of wearables have become much more secure as compared to when it was initially introduced. 

Every parent is concerned about their children, and as health trackers allow them to monitor their health, wearables for kids enable guardians to keep a check on their kid’s health. 

Isn’t it convenient?

You must know that wearable or fitness app development can be complex; however, a professional’s guidance can help you develop an efficient product. 

Therefore, connect with the experts for more insights on your idea and witness your business skyrocketing. 


Happy innovation!


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