6 Ways to Better Understand Your Virtual Hybrid Audience

understand Virtual Hybrid Audience

The rise of virtual hybrid events has paved the way for many organizations to conduct their networking events virtually and reap the benefits of doing so. One of the major advantages has been the ability to delve into insights pertaining to their attendees’ behavior that they can reintegrate into their personal business practices. This helped most businesses to get a detailed understanding of their clients and adopt it back into their own offerings.

There are a few best virtual event platforms that offer a variety of features, the most prominent of them being ‘data analytics’. It has helped businesses tap into all of the required information. These particular tools have made it easy to capture the event effortlessly. The process has also empowered organizations to optimize their event to the best of their capabilities.

Read on to find out more about data tools that you can use to better understand your virtual hybrid audience!   

1. Attendee Heat Map

This exquisite heat map tool provides a visual overview of hot spots to event organizers in their virtual events. This could help them observe their audience traffic. They are a highly recommended and beneficial tool when it comes to analyzing different areas in the event.

The analysis is one of the main things in an event because it helps you identify areas that are preferred by the audience relatively more than others. You can find out where your attendees spent most of their time around your event. As such, it is helpful to understand the attendees’ individual preferences, thereby enabling the organizer to host the event strategically.

2. Most Downloaded Resources

Throughout your event venue, there are many amenities for attendees to download resources that are relevant to the event. These resources are more important to their own personal, unique interest. Every client will have a personal preference and thus by understanding the preference of the client will in turn benefit the host by providing crucial information regarding the client and thus organize accordingly.

The bonus point of downloading these resources is that the host is able to track the attendees each and every move and get detailed information regarding their preferences. By downloading resources that will complement the client’s preference will impart a positive initiation. It is crucial for further engagement of the client. As a result of which, hosts can figure out what resources will work best for different events and audiences.

3. Live Poll

Live polls have always been a true friend for most hosts as it keeps their attendees engaged in real-time. Such engagement amongst the attendees boosts their morale and helps the host in understanding the attendees’ perspective. Live polls enable the host to post different questions to audience members within a fraction of time, and receive feedback, answers, and much more from attendees.

It helps in increasing the interaction between the host and the audience while simultaneously keeping them engaged in an activity that helps them to deliver their perspective and helps the host to understand it. This boosts the overall participation of your user, at the same time, gives hosts a chance to get a better understanding of their audience as a whole.

4. Q&As

While hosting a virtual hybrid event a host must keep in mind to have Q&A sessions which are a part of networking, and engaging features. These features play a major role in uplifting your event and provide a better experience to your attendees. Though simplistic, keeping these activities in your event can help you communicate with your target audience in real-time. Questions that are specific to the function/execution of the event itself can open multiple doors in terms of acquiring responses from your audience.

5. Surveys

Want to know what your audience feels about your event? Conduct a survey. Conducting a survey gives audiences a chance to offer their authentic feedback relating to the entire event or different sessions themselves.

You can conduct this survey post-event via sharing a mail with the attendees. From the organisers’ point of view, this feedback can be used to observe what worked and what did not work in the event.

Here are a few questions that you can ask while conducting surveys

  • On a scale of 1-10, how engaging and interactive did you find the sessions?
  • How easy/accessible to navigate was the virtual event platform?
  • Did you thoroughly enjoy the event? If yes, then what was your favorite part?

6. AMAs

Often there are times when your Q&As are indistinguishable, at such times AMAs can allow you to personalise the experience for your attendees slightly more. Audience members can ask questions of their choice to a host.

To promote any virtual event, analytics is objectively a very important component. This valuable information helps businesses become more attentive towards their clients’ unique needs. Thus enabling them to adapt to their behaviors. If you are looking to organise an event virtually then this should be a prerequisite.

Over to you

Virtual events are new to many of us. Always remember to keep your audience completely engaged and aware during the event by applying these tips mentioned above. Use the correct tools to deliver your message effectively to your potential target audience. Keeping the attendees engaged by using interactive activities is a great way to boost your event and generate awareness regarding it. The last thing you want is to botch your event so that your attendees do not distract themselves and miss out on the motive behind attending the meeting.

When hosting an event it should be a priority to give the attendees a productive and enjoyable experience. However, interruptions can disrupt the positive perspective in the audience which the host tries to develop. Have a back-up and be prepared to prevent any kinds of technical issues during the event. We hope these tips were useful and helped you understand your virtual hybrid audience effectively.


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