Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe During The Pandemic

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Covid-19 is an example of an intense and deadliest health crisis ever faced by the world. This global catastrophe is leaving our health hanging by a thread. People, be it pregnant women or not, are living in constant fear. If you could compare something with the plight during the two world wars, it would be this pandemic. 

Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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The pandemic and the attempts to keep people safe from it – 

A universal attempt is going on to slow down the escalation of the novel virus called coronavirus. From keeping countries and states under lockdown to testing out various vaccines, the undergoing attempt is incredible. However, it is all up to the people to follow the rules and regulations diligently. If people are careless and carefree, neither the health care system can do anything to prevent the adverse circumstances nor the government. 

There are pieces of advice for all people to fight against the menace called the coronavirus. Similarly, we also have a list of advice for pregnant women if they want to stay safe during this epidemic. 

The relation between the pandemic and the pregnant women- 

There aren’t any records present that show this virus affects all pregnant women differently than other women. However, it is a known fact that all pregnant women are more prone to get attacked by fatal respiratory viruses that also include the coronavirus. 

Pregnant women only don’t face this brutal fatality. This novel virus can affect aged people as well. Moreover, if we compare which group of the population gets more harmed, then the answer wouldn’t be pregnant women. The answer would be senior citizens. 

Having said that, pregnant women need more care and multiple numbers of check-ups. Since everyone,  including pregnant women, can’t step out of their homes unless it is a medical emergency, it is better to follow tips to stay safe at home during the pandemic. 

Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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People are dying every day all around you. This death list also includes pregnant women. Hence, we are here to provide all pregnant women with tips and suggestions to stay safe during the pandemic. However, the capability of health care systems to beat the coronavirus is still looming around. 

Guidelines for all pregnant women to stay safe during the period of covid-19 – 

Maintain social distancing – 

Hopefully, you are aware of how the immune system of aged people is weak. It is a similar case with pregnant women. How does the immune system of pregnant women become weak? The reason is innumerable physiological changes in the bodies of all pregnant women. 

These changes can harm pregnant women by making them prone to fall prey to any flu, catch a viral cold and cough, and even suffer from severe respiratory diseases. 

One of the symptoms of the covid-19 virus in your body is high fever. High fever is not a good sign in pregnant women because research and scientific studies have shown high fever to cause problems with the birth of the child. 

Hence, as you can see, all pregnant women must stay safe during this epidemic by staying away from people who have fallen sick. In a nutshell, maintain social distancing in case you step out of your home. 

Maintain a balanced diet filled with nutrients – 

Transmissible ailments are common among pregnant women. Why? The reason is weakened immunity. Therefore, a balanced diet is more than mandatory for all pregnant women to stay safe during the global epidemic. Moreover, your child in your womb would also need the much-needed nutrients through you. 

Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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What are the essential food items that have to be on the plate of all pregnant women for their safety during covid-19? 

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables have to be a part of the staple diet of pregnant women. You can also pick up your favorites. It doesn’t matter which fruits and vegetables you are consuming as long as you are consuming any. 
  • In every Indian household, chapatis and rice are made almost every day. These easy-to-get food items are beneficial for the safety of pregnant women. So, make sure you eat at least one roti or a bowl of rice every day. 
  • Other food items that have to be a part of the safety diet of all pregnant women are milk or any dairy product. A glass of milk a day will keep the coronavirus away from you. 
Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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  • You should also ensure that your intake of protein-rich food items is regular. For example, you can eat any dish made of fish, chicken, and egg. Now that restaurants are reopening with safety measures, you can also order some dishes from there if you aren’t feeling well enough to cook. 
  • The hunger pangs during pregnancy are irresistible. So, instead of consuming junk food, we suggest you stick to dry fruits including almonds, walnuts, etc. 
  • We have, repeatedly, been saying that your immune system will break down during pregnancy. Henceforth, you must consume immunity-boosting food items. A few examples of such food items are turmeric powder with milk, all citrus-rich fruits, honey, and ginger. 
Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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Make major as well as minor changes to your lifestyle – 

  • Hormonal issues or anomaly is another common aspect of pregnancy. The frustration and anxiety go higher during the pandemic because of the uncertainty and impatience to get out of this turmoil. Hence, we suggest you try meditation once a day at least. 
  • Yoga will help your hormonal imbalances relax as well as the build-up of the epidemic anxiety. There is one specific type of yoga recommended for all pregnant women. It is called antenatal yoga. 
  • Practicing positive affirmations as soon as you wake up is another important tip for pregnant women to maintain their safety of mind and soul during the pandemic. Also, try to disconnect from social media and spend time with family members to get rid of the boredom so that the child in your womb stays calm and anxiety-free. 
Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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Maintain good hygiene – 

Balanced nutrition is as important as the maintenance of sanitization, especially during the pandemic. From washing your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds to keeping a tissue near to use every time you sneeze, the list goes on. We can’t emphasize enough how crucial hygiene is during the pandemic. 

When you are practicing hand hygiene, you have to ensure that you don’t use those hands to touch your eyes and face right after washing them with alcohol-based sanitizer spray. 

Don’t make any compromises with your sleeping schedule – 

Pregnant women face more lethargy-based issues than non-pregnant women. They need plenty of sound quality sleep to resolve this issue. Also, research shows that sleep is beneficial for boosting your low immunity system. 

Another reason why pregnant women need to sleep calmly even during the tumultuous pandemic is that sleep is good for the overall health of the unborn baby. It is easy to not feel energetic during this period because of being stuck at home all day every day. Sleep helps you get past that in seven-eight hours. 

Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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Book online check-ups with your doctor if you can’t visit in person – 

More or less, every pregnancy goes through some complications. Even if there aren’t any complications, it is wise to keep in touch with your doctor through online modes of contact. The complications in pregnancy come unannounced, so, be prepared to deal with any hardship. 

Unless your ultrasound pr scan or vaccine is due, you don’t need to visit the doctor’s chamber in person. Also, you can minimize the number of check-ups by opting for both ultrasound and overall routine check-ups in the same sitting. Isn’t this idea great? This idea will keep all pregnant women safe during the epidemic while keeping them in proper health. 

Some final words on the safety of pregnant women during the covid-19 period – 

By reading this article, you must have gained a comprehensive understanding of how pregnant women’s immunity is beyond low. Their need to stay safe is important for the unborn baby as well. Hence, you must follow all the tips given above. From wearing a disposable face mask with an antiviral filter to staying at home for a major part of your days, every item in the list has to be abided by. 

Tips For All Pregnant Women To Stay Safe
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