Tips and Tricks To Make Your Thali Rich and Elegant

Thali Rich and Elegant

The most interesting aspect of Indian festivities is that they are celebrated with much  grandeur and flair. The prominent North Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan which is observed in the month of  Aug that honours the great affinity between siblings is a very popular festival among Hindus. We can’t help but think of the prominent North Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan, which is observed in Aug.  Honouring the great affinity between siblings. On this auspicious day, the sisters tie rakhi around their brother’s wrist and apply tilak on their brothers forehead, and perform a short ‘pooja’ using a rakhi thali to safeguard their brother and his family. In some families, sisters tie rakhi to their sisters-in-law too, along with their brothers who lavish them with amazing Rakhi gifts hampers.

Just like Rakhi holds a prominent place in this festival, similarly Rakhi thali also holds a significant place. Along with the venerated thread of  Rakhi, the Rakhi thali, which comprises a variety of fundamental pooja materials elegantly adorned, has a unique importance on this occasion. It is decorated with a diya, roli, sweets, rice, and a Rakhi. These thalis are beautifully embellished, showing a sister’s affection and honour for her brother.

Here are a few tips to decorate your rakhi thali like a pro!

  1. Grab a simple steel thali-

Get a thali and decorate it with vivid colours. Pick your favorite colour and use it to coat the whole thali. Another option is to wrap it in a colourful wrapping paper. Put your thinking hats on and pick the one that stands out!

  1. Puja Essentials

Put the diya, tikka, akshat, and amazing rakhis on the thali. You can even get  a lovely Om rakhi or a designer rakhi. It will enhance the beauty of your Rakhi Thali to a great extent.

  1. Decorate with flowers

Add roses, marigolds, or any beautiful flowers to your Rakhi puja thali to go all flowery. You can express your love for your brother with these beautiful flowers as they are symbols of love and joy.

  1. Tickle the taste buds with sweetness

Put your fav candies and chocolates on the Thali to tickle the taste buds with some sweetness.

Thus, Listed below are the main items for rakhi thali decoration with best rakhi threads for Rakhsha Bandhan:

  1. Rakhi or sacred amulet
  2. Sweets
  3. Incense sticks
  4. Akshat (Rice)
  5. Water
  6. Roli
  7. Coconut
  8. Diya
  9. Chandan 

Now, all these items are decorated beautifully in a unique and amazing rakhi thali.

These pretty rakhi thalis can also be preserved as a souvenir. 

Nowadays, the marketplace is filled with beautiful sophisticated thali that may lend a luxurious touch to your standard Rakhi pooja. Everyone is  all decked up for the event, your accessories are intact too, so the rakhi ki thali, should also be flawless. Here are some of our favourite rakhi puja thali that you should get right away. Try it out:

  1. Homemade thali:

Making a rakhi thali at home will not only make it personalised but also make it look beautiful and elegant. Decorating a rakhi thali for your brother on this auspicious occasion will enhance and strengthen your bond. You may purchase some glittering Flowers and beautiful lace to embellish the rakhi thali in a spectacular manner. You may also sprinkle in some pearls and sequins on it.

  1. Ganpati Thali:

A thali with Lord Ganesha’s idol and beautiful kalash will be a unique combination to decorate your rakhi thali along with the sacred amulet to tie around the wrist of your brother.  You can even match your rakhi costumes to the vivid hues of the thali for an amazing instagram photoshoot too.

  1. Floral Thali:

Festivals and flowers are a great combination. Go floral with floral thalis. Decorate the thali with beautiful and pretty flowers from your garden and make the day special. You are all good to go floral with some flowery pics.

  1.  Beads Thali

This is an amazing way to decorate your rakhi thali. Grab a simple steel thali from the kitchen and use a hot glue gun to stick beautiful beads on it. This will not only make your rakhi thali unique but also look pretty.

  1. Pom-Pom Thali

This rakhi thali is full of bright colours that will create a festive rakhi atmosphere in the home. The pom pom dangling from the borders of this thali adds a sense of vitality and joy that makes us fall in with its magnificence.

  1. Decked up with dry fruits

This festive season goes healthy with healthy confections. Replace the high calorie sweets with healthy dry fruits. Decorate the thali with lots of dry fruits , love and happiness for a unique yet joyful celebration.

  1. Decorative rakhi thali

Beautifully decked up rakhi thali reflects how much you care for your dear brother. Deck it up with unique and decorative materials to give an enhanced look to your rakhi thali  . The floral centerpieces and velvety frame will give it a regal and opulent feel.

  1. Pulses decorated thali

This unique themed  rakhi thali is sure to give a vibrant feel to the festive atmosphere. Deck up the Rakhi thali with different colored pulses from the kitchen. To create a great thali, combine different coloured dals- white dal, black dal, green dal, yellow dal, rice, and wheat. Put on your thinking hat and get your own pattern. You may even use a hot glue gun to adhere the pulses. When finished, place all of the essential elements stated above in the list on the thali, such as diya, rakhi, etc and are good to go!

  1. Deck it up with mehandi

It may appear difficult, but once completed, it will have the greatest look! Begin creating mehandi patterns on the thali to adorn it. The designs may be of an Om, a swastika, a peacock, or any other unique motif that you are familiar with. To create amazing patterns, you may use either a zero number paint brush and oil paints or a glittering tube with pointed noses. While the adhesive dries, you may embellish it with sequins, pearls, or lace. After it has dried, set the thali with pooja essentials and you are ready to go.

  1.  Unique thali decoration:

You can use a variety of beautiful pearls, laces or even beautiful flowers to decorate your rakhi thali and make the day a memorable one.

Have an amazing and wonderful Raksha Bandhan!


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