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Perfume is a complex composition in which each component, regardless of its concentration, plays an important role. How to choose a perfume that is right for you? We’ll tell you about the differences between fragrance families and help you figure out which one is right for you vanilla perfume.

When choosing perfume, we listen to our sense of smell

Smell is the basic of the five senses. Man underestimates it and uses it less actively than animals. However, it has a profound effect on us. The sense of smell is built into our emotional memory. By capturing familiar smells, we relive feelings, memories and moods.

Seven families of fragrances to be aware of when choosing a perfume

The seven families of fragrances are divided into women, men and mixed. Any spirits are not completely determined by belonging to a particular family, however, the main components of their composition are attributed to it.

  • Citrus fruits. Sour cocktail Toning, sour aromas based on citrus fruits (eg lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot, yuzu, etc.). Cheerful, festive, fresh, they are light and playful.
  • Fern. Self-confidence This family is primarily intended for men, but also suitable for women. Associated scents are lavender, mint, oakmoss, geranium, sage.
  • Floral. Luxurious bouquet The family of floral fragrances has absorbed, first of all, the scents of flowering plants, including rose, jasmine, tuberose, violet, daffodil, lily, lily of the valley. Within the family, soliflora are distinguished, where the main role is assigned to one flower, and complex bouquets assembled from different components.
  • Eastern. Sensual warmth A family of oriental fragrances, warm and sensual, with rich ingredients such as incense, myrrh, amber and tonka bean. The feminine variations are sweeter and contain vanilla and spices.
  • Leather. Masculinity This exclusively male family includes tobacco, honey and birch scents. They seem to take us to the haberdashery department or leather workshop. These are smoky, sometimes animal smells.
  • Woody. Strong character Initially it was a male family, but today woody smells no longer belong to exclusively male perfumery. Sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, patchouli are fragrances that express a strong character.
  • Chypre. Everything is complicated It is a mixture of such diverse ingredients as bergamot, patchouli, rose and oakmoss. Chypre perfumes are known for their stamina and strength. It is very difficult to recognize the individual components of such a composition. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in human skin, mainly at the level of the dermis. This substance gives the skin volume and elasticity. There are different hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights, that is, with different molecular sizes. By combining different types of acids, it is possible to act simultaneously on both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin.

The seven families of fragrances can be divided into four types: fresh, sweet, floral and sensual warm. What you need to know about perfume composition in order to choose the right one.

The olfactory pyramid describes the evolution of a fragrance over time. It has three notes.

  • Top note (top of the pyramid). This is the component from which the perception of smell begins – the first thing that is felt after application. Its intensity decreases only after 15 minutes, and this smell completely disappears after almost three hours.
  • Heart note (center of the pyramid). In the first hours, this fragrance is very weak, it appears two hours after application, peaks within six hours, and then gradually fades away.
  • Base note (base of the pyramid). It is the smell that lasts the longest. It manifests itself no earlier than eight hours after applying the perfume. Sometimes it takes a day before it reaches its climax. It is this smell that persists on clothes and leaves a long-lasting perfume mark.

Thus, it is important to understand how the scent sounds in 24 hours. Otherwise, it will not have time to manifest itself in all its acuteness and complexity. And only after that you should conclude whether this is your perfume.


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