7 Quick SEO Fixes to Optimize Ecommerce Websites

SEO Quick Fixes

Creating an eCommerce website is now easy with the availability of different DIY web builders. However, the problem arises when those eCommerce site owners start dealing with SEO. Although your website looks perfect, you may face different SEO issues. These problems will result in a low traffic level and you may not earn high revenues.

Find the most common SEO problems and the easy solutions.

1. No unique title

As the number of eCommerce stores is growing every year, you may find the problem of duplicate title tags that affect SEO results.

Every eCommerce store has lots of products of different brands. A particular product of a brand has several variations. Each of these variations is intended for a definite product page, which contains keywords, title tags, and other elements. When the search engine finds page titles with similar elements and tags, it will consider it as the duplicate content. If you wish to know more, click here

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●        Use the Item Type, Model, and Brand while structuring title tags.

●        Try to choose unique and relevant key phrases for every item.

2. Image Alt tags

Detailed information enables the search engine to know about an image. Google has to find a way of categorizing an image. Thus, it will cause a negative effect on your eCommerce SEO. There are lots of images in your eCommerce platform, and thus, you must know the right image SEO technique.

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Image Alt tags are the best options giving information to images. Use keywords and phrases to let Google know about your images. When your potential customers search for images of their essential products, these Alt tags play an important role.

3. Navigation Links

One of the common problems of eCommerce owners is related to navigation links. Issues with navigation links can affect your ranking. There are different types of navigational problems. For instance, the product menu is not easily controllable, and visitors cannot find it with a few clicks.

When your eCommerce website has several product categories, it may create some problems. Learn the right way of managing your product categories.

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Make sure that you have placed your products in the right category. Proper linking of these categories is also important for a perfect hierarchical architecture. The easily comprehensible navigation will enable you to gain higher traffic. 

4. The backlinking profile

Low quality backlinks are one of the major factors affecting the eCommerce website SEO. You may find the adverse results in the future years. Your business may lose brand reputation due to this problem. Thus, keep away from inferior quality backlinks for your e-store.

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One of the best tips for you is to clean your backlink profile. There is a way of testing backlinks of your eCommerce website. Publish high quality guest posts in the high-authority websites. You will receive the best backlinks.

5. Improper URL structure

When you have built a CMS-type eCommerce website, you will find default URL generation for your product pages. However, in some cases, these URLs are not reader-friendly and SEO-friendly. For instance, they may have several characters and have no semantic value. Although the automatically created URL is unique, you have to modify them for SEO.

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  • Create clean, short, and easily readable URLs for your product pages.
  • Do not capitalize any character. It is safe to choose lower case letters.
  • Do not leave spaces in URLs.
  • Avoid adding underscores to the URL.

6. No product reviews

As you have established a B2C eCommerce store, your website needs to show customer reviews. The online shoppers like to check out others’ views about a product before making a purchase. Based on these reviews, they decide on the deal. Thus, product reviews and customers’ comments are highly important for SEO. Google also gives higher value to eCommerce stores that have genuine product reviews.

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In some cases, customers do not leave comments after buying the products. You can send emails and use friendly language to request them for writing their views. It is also better to integrate a review app with your eCommerce site. Buyers will be encouraged to write reviews on your products.

7. Schema architecture

One of the vital things for your eCommerce SEO is the schema markup. Some eCommerce platforms with missing product schema and organizational schema may face issues. Both schemas are highly important for effective SEO. Some site owners think of creating schemas after launching the website. However, it is not the right choice for them.

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The eCommerce SEO professionals can help you in generating a new schema. WordPress CMS users can find several plugins to manage it easily. You have to avoid these SEO problems for your eCommerce site. Proper structuring of a website is essential, and you may hire SEO specialists to accomplish it easily. They know the best ways to make your eCommerce website SEO-friendly.


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