Roof Repairs: You Have These Options

Roof Repairs: You Have These Options

If your roof is damaged after a big storm, or it is simply showing its age, it is time for a roof repair. There are a few things to consider, because the roof is one of the most important parts of your house. Find out everything about the repair of your roofing and what costs you can expect.

When is a roof repair necessary?

Storms can cause minor to severe damage to your roof. You should rectify this immediately so that your household can continue to operate in an energy-efficient manner. However, even minor and inconspicuous damage should not be postponed, but should be tackled immediately. These include, for example:

  • leaky areas of the roof cladding
  • damp spots in the attic
  • Mold growth
  • rotten components and bricks.

Regardless of the severity of the roof damage, you should react immediately. Because even a roof repair san antonio tx that is easily worn down can cause consequential damage . Even small leaks on the roof can draw moisture into the walls and make repairs more difficult afterwards. The roof structure could become rotten and cracked, which has expensive consequences. Therefore, pay attention to speed in repairing the damage. The outermost layer of the roof, the cover, usually consists of stones or bricks that are exposed to all types of weather all year round. You should therefore have your roof covering changed every 30 to 50 years

The most common roof repairs

The roof structure renewal

If the framework of your roof is damaged, the roof truss must be renewed. This means that the wooden structure under the roof has defects that can affect the statics of your house. Therefore, this procedure is extremely important if your house has been around for a few decades or has visible damage. The cost of a roof renovation are strong from the roof surface and the type of restoration depends . If only some parts of the wooden framework need to be replaced, it is called a partial renovation , which is far cheaper than a complete renovationis. In the worst case, the damage is so advanced that the entire roof structure has to be replaced. In this case, the following costs may arise for a 100 square meter roof.

Under-rafter insulation

In order to optimally insulate your roof , under-rafter insulation is recommended. It is particularly useful if you want to  your or if you have to adjust or increase the insulation values ​​according to EnEV 2014 . The under-rafter insulation is installed below the rafters and is particularly effective in combination with between- rafter insulation . It can minimize or even prevent thermal bridges, because it protects the otherwise conductive wooden rafters and prevents heat loss. The materials that have proven themselves for under-rafter insulation are

  • Mineral wool,
  • Rock wool,
  • Polyurethane,
  • Polystyrene,

and are usually installed in thin panels in order to take up little space in the attic. Depending on the material and provider, the costs are around 30 to 70 euros per square meter .

Between the rafter insulation

The between- rafter insulation is the most common and simplest method of roof insulation and is therefore also suitable for expanding an attic. Only the spaces between the rafters are insulated with cut-to-size insulation mats. These should fit to the millimeter to prevent possible thermal bridges . You should therefore hire a roofer instead of using the “do-it-yourself” brand. The insulation between the rafters, also called clamping felt, consists of

  • Hemp,
  • Cellulose,
  • Sheep wool,
  • Wood fibers,
  • Stone-
  • or glass wool.

Between-rafter insulation costs between 50 and 80 euros per square meter, depending on the material .

Above-rafter insulation

With over-rafter insulation, you can optimally insulate your house. It is the most efficient type of roof insulation . In order to attach them over the rafters, a new covering of the roof is necessary . This creates additional costs that are usually only profitable if the entire roof has already been repaired. Above-rafter insulation consists of

  • Glass wool,
  • Rock wool,
  • or polyurethane,

and avoids thermal bridges by forming a separate layer under the roof tiles that does not allow any heat to escape. You can expect 70 to 120 euros per square meter for pure above-rafter insulation . You can plan around 150 to 250 euros per square meter for the additional coverage.

What repairs can you do yourself?

If a storm has damaged your roof and has spread some of the tiles on your property, it is important to remove them as soon as possible . The surrounding storm damage could injure you or others. Document the condition of the damage carefully, but refrain from attempting to repair your roof yourself . However, you can take on small tasks: combine cleaning your gutter with the maintenance of your roof. Because a defective or clogged gutter can also be a risk of damage to the roof. You should therefore clean it at least three times a year and also check your roof for visible defects. If you have minor defects corrected from time to time, you can avoid major damage.

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When a specialist is worthwhile

In any case, it is advisable to hire a professional to repair the damaged roof. Without the right tools, you can put yourself in great danger. Your roof is largely responsible for the climate and a positive energy balance in your home. Therefore, you should always hire a professional for repair work so that it can be professionally repaired.

Who pays for the roof repair?

Normally, the building insurance covers a lot of roof damage. These include:

  • Damage to the roofing,
  • Damage to the roof structure,
  • Damage to walls and floor.

If items in your interior have also been damaged , your contents insurance comes into play. In addition, you can protect yourself against damage to your windows with glass insurance .

All costs at a glance

The costs of a roof repair are as varied as the damage itself. The table below lists prices for various types of repairs you can expect. They apply to the average size of German roofs with approx. 100 square meters.

Find the right partner for your roof repair

If you want to renovate or repair your roof, you should leave this to a professional. With a well-developed you can save enormous heating costs. Aroundhome supports you in finding the right provider for your roof repairs. Simply fill out our online questionnaire and we will put you in touch with up to three specialist companies. Our service is free of charge and without obligation for you. Simply compare at home and find the right provider for your project.


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