RecordCast – Screencast Made Easy For Both Pros And Amateurs

Pros And Amateurs

A screencast is a digital video recording of what is happening on the screen, often accompanied by audio or text annotations explaining the action. In most cases, it is used to demonstrate the capabilities of a program or service, create training videos, online courses, or demonstrate computer problems and how to solve them.

There are many programs for recording screencasts, but most of them are paid or difficult for the average user. We want to present you with a free way to record such a video without any effort.

RecordCast is an online screen recorder that runs right in your browser. Therefore, you can use this service regardless of your operating system.

How to record screen with RecordCast

RecordCast makes it very easy to record video from your screen.

  1. On the homepage of the service, click the “Start Recording” button.
  2. Select the recording mode.
  3. Select your audio device and other recording options. It is possible to record audio comments from a microphone or system sounds; the duration of a clip should not exceed 30 minutes. However, you can use RecordCast to merge several video clips and images into a new video up to 1 hour for free. There is no ads when you using the free tool and also there is no watermarks after you export your recorded video.
  4. Select recording area. A special frame appears at the top of all windows. You can choose one of the presets and click the Share button.
  5. Then the video recording starts.
  6. To end the recording, click the Done button and you can re-record the screen, upload a video (no registration required), or even edit this screencast in the editor.

How to edit the recorded video with RecordCast

I believe that you are good at recording the screen with RecordCast without any modification, but a few simple tricks can give your video a big advantage in grabbing the attention of others and improving their understanding. For example, you can add arrows, text, and highlighting to draw attention to a specific onscreen video.

Once you’ve finished recording, feel free to edit it using RecordCast. With RecordCast video editor, you can add animations, images, music and more to your videos. You can also cut and edit unwanted sections and pauses.

The millions of animated stunning elements are pretty cool for you to get you video more appealing. They are located into different categories, such as social, shape, promo, bubble, number, travel, ducation, etc. You will finally find one to your liking.,


  1. It can record computer screens without the need for any software.
  2. It is completely free and does not display any watermark on the videos.
  3. Beautiful design of the front of the site that everyone can handle.
  4. Many different modes to start recording your computer screen.
  5. The ability to record the camera video and display it on the part of the video.
  6. Control which sounds you want to include when recording the screen.
  7. Full computer screen recording or recording software interface.
  8. Supports recording of currently open browser tabs.
  9. Edit the video after recording it with many distinctive tools.
  10. Supports saving 1080p very high-quality video recording.
  11. Keep all previous records in your account on the site.


  • It is free and does not display watermarks on the videos.
  • Control the camera and audio options before starting recording.
  • Edit the video after recording it with great editing tools.
  • Supports recording interface programs and tabs only.


  • Only eight recording projects are allowed to be saved in the account.
  • There is no shortcut on the keyboard to stop screen recording.


 RecordCast is a great tool for recording screen video. Simple, convenient, working in any operating system, it can be useful for demonstrating a solution to a computer problem, creating video tutorials, online courses or demonstrating the functions of a program or service.


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