Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drain Cleaning Products

Should Avoid Drain Cleaning Products

For all the hype and buzz revolving around drain cleaning products, you must know that isn’t a very good solution that you thought them to be for clogged drains.

The professional plumbing services Brisbane barely take the help of drain cleaning agents to resolve sewage problems, and neither do they recommend them for their clients, given how they create havoc to your sewage system and put your safety at risk when used incorrectly.

Know the best reasons why manual cleaning techniques and hiring a blocked drain plumber is a viable option than using drain cleaning agents.

  1. They Can Wreak Havoc to Your Drainage System

To put it in simple words, your drainage system depends on the naturally producing bacteria for the process of waste breakdown. The chemical drain cleaning agents not only put the lives of these good bacteria to an end but also rattles the entire process and results in an ill-timed system failure.

  • They Can Affect Your Pipes

To eliminate the clogs and break down the same, the drain cleaning products produce heat which in turn makes the PVC piping soft and ends up corroding the old pipes made of metal. The convenience factor of all the drain cleaning products is lower when compared with the inconvenience and expense is concerned related to piping replacement.

  • They Don’t Work Efficiently on All the Clogs

Drain cleaning agents fail to work on a large majority of stubborn clogs. When something of this sort occurs, there’s no other way out than flushing out the drain cleaning products from the pipe. The longer you allow the drain cleaning agent to settle, the more you are increasing the possibility of pipe-related issues. Furthermore, if you didn’t know this, the problems concerning the septic system rise every time you flush the drain cleaners.

  • They Can Damage Your Wardrobe

Chemical drain agents are manufactured to eat up all the organic substances, and they aren’t wise enough to differentiate between a bunch of hair and shirt sleeves inside the drain. To begin with, always consider wearing protective glasses and gloves to keep away from accidents. Also, invest in sturdy shoes to safeguard your feet if you walk around the house barefoot.

  • They Can Result in Significant Burns

There are instances around the world where people have burned themselves from chemical-induced drain cleaning products. In case you are inquisitive to have a look at how they look, you can always do a quick search on Google. Chemical drain cleaning agents can lead to hazardous chemical burns and put your skin, hair, and organic materials to danger. The worst part? The agents do not even have to be spilled for such accidents. A simple drip from the bottle edges or acid splattering upon coming in contact with water is enough to spark a reaction if they touch bare skin.

  • They Can Prove Fatal Upon Being Inhaled

Any drain cleaning agent containing chemicals must be administered in places that have good ventilation. This is because the fumes given off by these agents aren’t only toxic but can get your mucous membranes and eyes burnt. When added to water, some of the acid types present in the agents can form into smoke which can result in more harmful smoke into the air.

When administering this kind of product, make sure to keep your children and pets away and the chances of burns are always on the higher side in smaller children.

  • They Are an Environmental Hazard

A significant part of drain cleaning agents ends up in ground regions and water sources. The containers which the manufacturers use to pack the cleaning agents always have small portions of chemical solutions left in them and this can result in severe issues when taken to the landfill.

  • They Aren’t Good for Your Health

In innumerable scenarios, the drain cleaning agents containing chemicals give way to toxic fumes that apart from proving fatal for human health can also turn poisonous. Sadly, not only individuals go through the instructions concerning hazardous warnings and incorrect use of chemical drain agents can result in serious health issues. The same chemicals that work in unclogging your drains can end up burning you when they make contact with your exposed skin.

  • The Cause Damage to Your Fixture

The chemical drain cleaning agents are made with strong acids which can damage the finish based on enamel, upon getting onto bathtubs or sinks. Such damages demand you to replace the items and are also known to dissolve a large type of metal besides forming a hole in the brass traps.

  1. They Come at An Additional Price

Though the drain cleaning products are marketed as a budget-friendly choice, they are more expensive than you know. The damage they do to the pipes and tanks can cost you a lot of money on upkeep and repair in the long run. Here comes the role of professional plumbing services. They can help in fixing your drain-related problem with sheer expertise.

This is What Drain Cleaning Products Don’t Tell You

The drain cleaning agents are characterised as a corrosive substance that is known to eat away the clogs instead of pushing the same. The products aren’t only limited to eating up clogs but also result in eroding of clothing, fixtures, pipes, and metals. This can create havoc on the damaged fixtures and pipes. Apart from this, the vapour from such products is hazardous for your health as well.

While renowned drain cleaners might look like a viable option, they are warned to damage both your health and plumbing, by the plumbing services across the world.

To conclude, the standard drain cleaning agents fail to identify the root cause of the clogged drains and are only good at treating symptoms. To solve the drainage problem from its root, call a professional blocked drain plumber today. How To Optimize Your Online Shop


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