What Are The Programming Languages Required For Cybersecurity?

Programming Languages For Cybersecurity

Be it developing any website/ app for cyber security; coding is an indispensable part. Coding languages are essential to tracking and interpreting different malicious activities on a specific network.

Coding makes the work of cyber security workers easier. But all the cyber security jobs don’t require coding as an essential job skill. But the task will be easier if you are skilled in coding and can write a few codes yourself.

There are dozens of programming languages. Although you don’t need to learn all of them, you will need to learn some of them. In this article, we have listed the programming languages with the topmost priority.

1.    Python

Python is one of the most prominent programming languages you need to learn. It is the most versatile among the general-purpose languages. Once you learn it, you will understand that you can do all types of software programming in Python.

Now, they are not eager to learn four or five different programming languages. If you plan to learn at least one of them, then Python is the place to start. so, if you are ready to learn and wondering how to learn Python, then here is some help–

  • You need the help of both theory and practical.
  • Also, starting with a basic tutorial on Python is not a bad idea.
  • You can look at the python code examples made by others.
  • Writing a common python code that works with cyber security is the best way to learn.

2.    Shell Scripting 

Shell Scripting is one of the best coding languages you can learn. You may be already using some of the commands during the terminal sessions of your operating systems. This language allows programmers to write automated scripts that help in routine tasks.

When you need quick ways to authorize appropriate access and provision accounts, then you need to learn shell scripting. Automated security lockdown of any system configuration done best using Shell Scripting. Here are some ways of learning shell scripting.

  • When learning shell scripting, make sure that you are well acquainted with the basic command-line tools on your preferred OS.
  • Now you can follow some common tutorials and start to string together some basic scripts.

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3.    HTML

Although HTML is not a programming language and it is a markup language, you still need to learn it. The reason why you need to know HTML is because it is used to make the pages on the internet. Most of the cyber attacks revolve around HTML code.

When making a cyber attack, the attackers usually embed malicious code in a website using HTML. Now, if you want to know this language, then here is how you can learn it–

  • It is a markup language, and you can learn it within a few hours of trial.
  • HTML contains plain text and uses a few code elements that we know as tags.
  • Tags format that text and integrate other elements of the web page like images and web videos.
  • If you are looking for tutorials, you can check the free tutorials by W3Schools
  • You can look at different examples.

 4.    Javascript

Like Python, Javascript is also another popularly used coding language that you can learn. Tracking user activity and performing different web tasks are some examples of what JavaScript allows you to do.

  • You will find javascript language tutorials on different websites and online platforms for free.
  • Another method is by looking at the javascript used by the pages that you visit.

 5.    SQL

A language of the relational database, SQL, is used by database administrators. They write queries in SQL for inserting, deleting, or updating information stored in any database table. Hackers also use it to steal confidential information. This is one language that you must learn if you are seeking a career in cybersecurity.

How to learn it? Here is how –

  •  You can look for different web-based tutorials.
  • There are some courses available on LinkedIn that you can check.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best languages are the ones you need to learn at first. As a programmer or as a beginner in cybersecurity, there are so many languages you can learn. But the selected few ones in this article are the most significant ones.


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