Oxygen Concentrate And Their Necessity

Oxygen Concentrators

This article will be going to deal with oxygen concentrators. Consequently, this device is nowadays much popular and also useful in numerous circumstances. An oxygen concentrator has the ability to segregate the oxygen from the outdoor air.


Ambient air is also called outdoor air. It is a mixture of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and the other 1% is a combination of helium, argon, methane, hydrogen, and carbon. The only gas which we are inhaling is oxygen. The living species on the earth only have the ability to inhale oxygen. It is the life-giver.

Moreover, the green trees not only beautify the earth but also through their oxygen it gives life to millions and millions of living creatures on the earth. Without oxygen, no creature will live on this Earth. Trees are the treasure that God has provided to us.


A normal human being or other living beings can inhale the oxygen easily from the atmosphere.  Our body and our breathing system have the ability to inhale oxygen. It will segregate the oxygen from the outdoor air and it gives to our body. The same process can be done by the oxygen concentrators. In some medical circumstances or in an emergency, if people or any other living creature is suffering from oxygen suffocation. Undoubtedly, We can easily use this oxygen concentrator to give oxygen to them.

In clinics and hospitals, generally, if a patient is suffering from oxygen suffocation they usually use pressurized or liquid oxygen in containers. But pressurized or liquid oxygen is dangerous as well as we can’t be able to move that oxygen cylinder from one place to another place easily. The best solution for this problem is the best oxygen concentrator.


Oxygen gas generators or Oxygen generation plants are other names of oxygen concentrators.  In the name itself, people can easily understand the usage of the device.

The main purpose of this device is oxygen segregation from the atmospheric air or ambient air. As I have already mentioned, atmospheric air consists of a number of gases, especially nitrogen because it occupies a major percentage in the outdoor air. For this separation process, it uses the method called, Pressure Swing Adsorption method. Through this method, easily segregates the oxygen from the ambient air.

And it will be very helpful for the patients who are having low oxygen levels in their blood.


The major and the greatest advantage of this oxygen concentrator is its portability. We cant be able to easily take the pressurized or liquid oxygen cylinders easily without anyone’s help. On the contrary, these oxygen concentrators are far better than pressurized or liquid oxygen cylinders. Undoubtedly, we can easily move these concentrators from one place to another place according to our feasibility and our usage.


The world has witnessed the greatest disaster in its lifetime. Evidently, it is COVID. Undoubtedly, the other disasters are also dangerous. Like earthquakes, floods, and so on. But this may not be infectious and it can’t travel from one person to another. This coronavirus is infectious and deadly.  Above all, it can easily spread from one person to another.

Corona mainly affects the lungs and it suffocates the patient for breathing. Moreover, during the covid period, due to the massive spread of the virus, lakhs, and lakhs of people have been admitted to the hospital. And all the beds in the hospital have been occupied. In many places, we have witnessed that many affected people have taken the medication in the ambulances. In that crucial circumstance, this oxygen concentrator plays a vital role. It has saved hundreds and thousands of people.


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